WANTED: Investors

I am looking for passive or active investors of my land near La Laguna de San Carlos, Panama.

I have over 2000 mt2 (27986 square ft or .64 acres) of land which has a lot of vegetation and fruit trees (e.g. mangos, culantro (cilantro), mandarins, oranges, plantains, bananas and much more).

Currently, the land is getting cleaned up. We are also growing more fruits and vegetables in the area. There is a small river on the back of the property that eventually we would like to add some steps to gain access to it and another nearby river with a waterfall accessible via Altos Del Maria.

Development Plan:

Phase 1 (ongoing):

Clean up, clearing up and maintenance of the lot.

Phase 2:

Cabins/log homes constructions.


Open for business – nightly, weekly and monthly rental of cabins and log homes for local and tourists.

The area has a lot to offer. The rental will offer food (home-cooking for visitors and residents), pick up and drop off from and to the airport, tourist visits to beaches and other tourist attractions and much more.

If interested, please send me a message via Contact Me!