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Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. indicted on fixed prices on generic drugs

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. has been indicted on charges the drugmaker fixed prices on generic drugs. WASHINGTON—The U.S. business of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. was indicted Tuesday on charges the generic drugmaker fixed prices on cholesterol medication and other drugs. The Justice Department’s antitrust division brought the case in a Pennsylvania federal court, alleging TevaContinue reading “Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. indicted on fixed prices on generic drugs”

ICD Billable Gov’t Execution Medical Codes

ICD Codes In the U.S., “intervention” is a Civil Law procedure where someone not currently part of a case can join the case to make sure their interests get fairly represented. 2020 ICD-10-CM External Causes Index ‘B’ Terms Index Terms Starting With ‘B’ (Beheading) Index Terms Starting With ‘B’ (Beheading) Beheading (by guillotine)  homicideContinue reading “ICD Billable Gov’t Execution Medical Codes”

Symptom tracking app required for employment

Reposted by permission from Liberty Counsel Action Nearly half a million people in one county are being required to download a COVID-19 symptom tracking app or use other means of daily reporting symptoms before the government will allow them to return to work. These restrictions are coming from the Health Officer in Sonoma County, CA.Continue reading “Symptom tracking app required for employment”

Data Management Plan – Coding and Reconciliation

All Adverse Events and Previous/Concomitant Medication should be coded and/or approved prior and during the trial. Before adverse event terms can be reported or analyzed, they must be grouped based on their similarities. For example, headache, mild headache and acute head should all be counted as the same kind of event. This is done byContinue reading “Data Management Plan – Coding and Reconciliation”