We have become LOST in a FAKE world

It’s not CORONAVIRUS WE NEED TO WORRY ABOUT! It’s Gates, Soros, the WHO, and his many Foundations (e.g. Bill Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, BMBP, and many more) and the Democratic party in the USA! EVERY COUNTRY NEEDS TO STAND UP!! Where We Go One, We Go All – WWG1WGA Is 20/20 the year of theContinue reading “We have become LOST in a FAKE world”

Learn to Code and Decode like Q

UPDATE: Dr. Birx Confirms Anyone Who Dies WITH Coronavirus, Regardless of Any Underlying Health Condition, is Being Counted as a COVID-19 Death Basically a big crime on humanity made by very sick people. There is a big difference between dying with the virus and from the virus. How to discover more on the Q boards:Continue reading “Learn to Code and Decode like Q”