What’s the difference between a conspiracy theory and reality?

About six months. The most frequently wash body part? And here it is! The IMF and the World Bank along with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation talking about a digital ID along with your health and financial data. Let me translate: Your vaccinated status has expired, no 5th booster? No access to your money.Continue reading “What’s the difference between a conspiracy theory and reality?”


Source: Spiro Ever since the world became aware of Covid-19 in early 2020, we have warned of the possibility that the government response, may turn out to be worse than the condition itself. Many have described this response as a form of medical tyranny, sold to us as a temporary measure for the greater good.Continue reading “THE LAWSUIT THAT COULD END COVID-1984 WITH PAM POPPER”

What Really Makes You Ill

Dawn Lester & David Parker | What Really Makes Us Ill, Germ Theory, & The Four Factors What luck for rulers that men do not think.” –Adoph Hitler Let’s look at one chart about the Certificate of Vaccination ID (COVID-19) “The coronavirus phenomenon is nothing more than the re-categorization of cases of the regular seasonalContinue reading “What Really Makes You Ill”