Dominion officials vote fraud allegations: What are they hiding?

Dominion officials abruptly cancel appearance before Pennsylvania congressional committee to discuss vote fraud allegations: What are they hiding? Saturday, November 21, 2020 by: JD Heyes Tags: 2020 election, affidavits, court, Dominion Voting Systems, election fraud, election theft, evidence, Maria Bartiromo, Pennsylvania, President Trump, rigged, Rudy Giuliani, Seth Grove, Sidney Powell, vote fraud, vote theft, voter fraud As President Donald Trump’s campaign legal team repeatedly makes allegations that software used by Denver-based DominionContinue reading “Dominion officials vote fraud allegations: What are they hiding?”

Hashgraph: Electronic Data Capture Future?

Hashgraph technology, created by Leemon Baird, it is probably going to replace blockchain technology. Since the introduction of bitcoin there have been many thousands of blockchain based crypto currencies created and there are more being created every single day so what’s different about hashgraph? Well it isn’t a blockchain it’s totally different in fact theContinue reading “Hashgraph: Electronic Data Capture Future?”