Career Criminals Politicians: Maxine Waters

Why is the FBI and CIA have not arrested this woman? For several years now, she goes on TV and demand people to RIOT and commit VIOLENCE against citizens. She has done it again this week with her “Roe violence”… June 24th 2022 will be the official date of the start of the first RoeContinue reading “Career Criminals Politicians: Maxine Waters”

The leftists: The Gun Control Agenda

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Dutch Police Tyranny – Nederlandse Politie Tirannie

Compilation from Around The Netherlands. Who Let the DOGS (DUTCH) OUT? The RoYAL Family has offered a good amount of worthless paper to the Dutch Police to attack their citizens… Dutch Police = Useful Idiots’ who will be murdered by the REGIME in ‘Second Wave’, when they are ‘no longer required’. DIT ZIJN DE ROMEO’SContinue reading “Dutch Police Tyranny – Nederlandse Politie Tirannie”

1984: George Orwell nightmare now a reality in 20/20

“Everything other than working was forbidden: Walking in the streets, having fun, singing, dancing, getting together, everything was forbidden…” COVID is a manipulation of the influenza virus and not a disease, just a virus which can affect our systems as the flu does – it is politically hyped up for reason, and they all playContinue reading “1984: George Orwell nightmare now a reality in 20/20”

Boerenopstand -The Netherlands

“When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.-Thomas Jefferson #KICKOUTRUTTE    Boerenopstand – Van Wijster naar Assen Mooie politieauto’s, arrestantentouringcars, politie tot de tanden toe bewapend, van alle gemakken voorzien, volgehangen met de laatste snufjes en communicatieapparatuur, met overmacht aanwezig om U, de burger, als UContinue reading “Boerenopstand -The Netherlands”