Friends, if what they did to GAB, George Webb, Zero Hedge, The Federalist and others all in the same 48 hour period doesn’t convince you of criminal collusion, nuthin’ will. Victory Against US Government Mandatory/Compulsory Vaccinations?   EUROPA THE LAST BATTLE – FULL VERSION (2017) Source: Videos Fair Use Notice: Images/logos/graphics on this page contains someContinue reading “FASCIST CORPORATIONS ARE COLLUDING TO SILENCE AMERICANS!!”

Henrietta Lacks: At Your Cervix

This video should go ‘viral’. Every woman in the world should view this. Vaccines are biological weapons.  Do not submit to be killed by them.  Stay the F$$$ out from them and if you are near them call Homeland Security and the EPA for a biohazard cleanup. All other videos on the topic of HenriettaContinue reading “Henrietta Lacks: At Your Cervix”