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covid-19 – Is Totalitariam The New Normal?

We cannot go back to the pre-coronavirus world, they tell us. Everything has changed and we must accept a “new normal.” What does this “new normal” look like? It looks a lot like a dystopian horror film, where privacy is destroyed, property is subject to political whim, surveillance is to be accepted, medical treatments can be forced on people. Should we accept totalitarianism as our “new normal”? Plus in today’s program: the real story of Houston’s “round two hospital crisis.”
Hello, everyone and thank you for tuning into the Liberty report today with me today is Daniel McAdams good to see you Daniel.
How are you this morning fry I’m doing quite well?
Thank you, yeah ready and raring to go.
Hopefully you had something positive to the world, but you know when we talked every once while we could bring up negative things.
We have a few negative things to do, because we’re gonna follow up on the usual subject that we’ve dealt with so much in these last several weeks, and that is coronavirus, and I was just mentioning to you.
Guy said, you know, there’s a lot of pros and cons, an argument about how serious this is.
I said it has nothing to do with the virus.
It has to do with government power and authority, and using the coronavirus has an excuse, and I think a lot of what we’ve discovered and others are starting to discover is that the statistics, you know, have been fudged all along and all of a sudden.
Now they have dropped this whole idea.
How bad it is by measuring how many people died yeah, because there are, as many people die and they don’t talk about that, but they’ve been out searching and they get rewarded for finding it.
It’S like finding Easter eggs out there, yeah and they’re finding him and a lot of positive tests are coming up and the way they operated, hospitals, everybody gets tested and their red gets marked down, and that is for the line weathers for admissions or whether it’s for Death certificates or whatever, no matter what the real causes are coronavirus and there’s money involved and and and we are continuing with this after it closed down and things got better, I thought maybe we’re over the hump and oh, we have a second way.
A second wave of coronavirus, no a second wave of totalitarianism, rearing its ugly head again and coming back, and I have a sense of fulfilling that things are every bit as bad from the government this time as it was a few weeks ago.
Even though the statistics are much better, but I found shoot every shirt us again once today that you got to be concerned because we heard there’s a new virus coming worst worse than everyone’s, probably either Russia or China created that Center they’re gonna find find an Enemy but the totalitarians, the ones who use this as a way of encroaching on our liberties very early on they were very honest.
It’Ll never be the same.
We can’t go back and all I thought to thinking.
Well, I don’t like people going down a lot of people used to tell me.
We talk about the gold standard and I say I don’t want to go back to the gold standard.
We can improve on the one we had ever shortcoming, so we don’t want to just go back, because there were things that we didn’t like.
We didn’t like the whole idea that, and we talked about it, was the abuse of police powers, and but they assured to us in the announcement of the need to crack down and once they discovered how serious it was.
They said.
It’Ll never be the same, and now we’re getting some reports out that are showing how much has changed, and yet there are still a lot of people don’t like it.
A lot of people would like to hear the message and I hope that’s what we can provide is an answer to the people who say that we have to be totalitarians, because it’s so serious and people are dying.
So somebody has to say it and there’s more and more people saying it, and we were delighted this week that three major hospitals in Houston refuted the national headlines, Texas, that national healing they’re running out of spaces there’s an epidemic worse than ever.
It wasn’t even true, and but the doctors, the physicians, the CEOs and other put up and said it’s not that bad.
You know there are problems, but I they would even bring up the subjective of measurements instead of just you know, avoiding talking about deaths and just talking about people who get the label and then do millions and millions of tests somebody’s making some money on that.
One way or another, and lo and behold all you have to do is say if you have a positive, you know you’re put in that category, but I’ve had a couple.
No statements made and we’ve read about it and I can’t verify this, but I sort of believe it is that when you test them, you know, do a blind test with the testers.
You get more positives and then you have by testing it by somebody else.
So and this is part of the problem we have is is it built in a system where there’s so much distrust and anger, and so we can’t even trust what our government says, though, we’ve known that for a long time and and yet they have an agenda And the agenda is not Liberty, the agenda is obedience and that’s what this is all about, and the things that we’re going to mention now is we have to we as a people have to toe line.
We have to be obedient and if you see somebody that doesn’t have a minute, I get a mask on it’s best.
You call somebody quickly, you know turn them in.
That is a suggestion that totalitarianism is alive and well and something we can’t ignore ignore I never would have believed this kind of mask hysteria, but yeah they call it the new normal.
You can’t go back to your own lives.
You’Ve got to go to a new normal and things are gonna be very different, but you just have to get used to it.
You know the new normal based on Watt and we take, for example, Texas.
In 2018 flu season, 11,000 people died in Texas, the 2020 kovat flu 2005 little over 2,000 have died.
So how can you have 11,000 die here?
No big deal just another flu season, then you have a little bit 2,000 people, including only 16 people in brasilia county, and then they tell us.
You can’t go back to your normal life.
You know, and now they’re saying with this new wave, that it’s all the fault of the people who wanted to go back to work because they opened too soon and even even our own governor said well looks like i opened too soon people in California in Arizona.
It’S all your fault, you open too soon.
Of course, these are the people who were still collecting their paycheck throughout those two months.
When nobody was getting paid, nobody else was getting paid, people were losing their houses, people were, you know, losing their mortgages losing their businesses.
The people who still collecting a paycheck are now sitting back in smirking, saying: well, you open too soon got to close it down.
But, as you say, and we’ve said it, you know quite a few times, there’s a massive increase in testing.
There’S a massive incentive to test a lot of these tests are covered by state governments now because they want to get those numbers up, because it’s very political, California has just announced unprecedented levels of testing and guess what they have a lot of new cases.
The same is true with Arizona, so it’s all political.
I didn’t think it would work to do the same thing again, but with even less merit, but unfortunately, thus far it seems to be working.
You know, you know what that made me.
Think of when you said we left too soon, but what about in foreign policy?
Wasn’T that always excuse another New York?
I was like.
Well, you left too soon.
You know Liberty, because persons, people, individuals, are unimportant in a totalitarian society other than obedience and what we hear and deal with, and what we’re so frustrated with is the effort to push the obedience on it.
Government told us to wear masks and it’s so strong.
It really scares me and we’ve talked about it is that when your neighbors turn you in yeah or that police is called that, one picture still bothers me to no end when the priest wouldn’t let a father and a daughter, pray in an empty church, and he Called he called the police and the police came and you know wouldn’t allow it to happen.
I mean this is that is, and it’s an attack on a church just think they’ve changed it a little bit on this lockdown, because the point was, you know: you’re closing the churches, but you can still go to the bar yeah and now, oh, no, you can’t Even go to the bar, so so I don’t know it’s it’s the authoritarianism that was in fighting this problem, but it’s made much worse prior to coronavirus and the collapse of the financial system.
There wasn’t this big push but we’re in the middle of it.
I say the financial correction is the big one.
The coronavirus is in addition to it and black lives matter.
That’S an addition.
It all brings it together that those people were you know, even I was hesitant to put in those terms that you know we’re on a merger on the verge of military conflict here in this country.
I said you know a war going on in here in there artist the more I look at this in a more language I hear there are some people that are very nasty and and they’re killing each other, but we’ve always known you know an inner city.
There’S been a lot of killing going on and though they wouldn’t pay any attention, so it wasn’t the life they were concerned about, but there was an article today is sort of help make my point.
I came from the Seattle, Police Chief and, and she said you know that’s where they had the the little covet.
What was the job?
They had the chop organization and she must have believed we got what we won for all the police out and magic is going to happen.
This is what she said asked why black people keep dying in the black lives matter zone.
She’S asking a question like shit: I have any idea: why does happen, what they were doing it before and maybe maybe she thought it was just the police that were the cause, but the police are gone so men why maybe she’ll figure it out?
The problem remains.
I know a lot of times you like to you like to compare, what’s happening here with foreign policy, and I think it’s an interesting conceptual thing, and one of the things that I was thinking about is the the idea of requiring mass and unfortunately, here in Lake Jackson and include next they’ve mandated masks and businesses all throughout Texas, now masks are being mandated in California and Arizona too, and it really strikes me that masks mandating mass is sort of like sanctions.
You know when we put sanctions on a country, they want to be politicians who want to be seen doing something, but they don’t want to start a war.
They don’t want to drop a bomb necessarily, but hey we got to do something, it seems like the masses.
It’S kind of like sanctions, you know, but I put together a little list: we’ve brainstormed before the show about the new normal in in our title.
Hence the totalitarianism.
Is it the new normal and here are some things that they want us to accept as our new?
Nor, first of all, is the mass surveillance with the contact tracing.
We’Ve talked about that before, where, if, if you happen to test positive they’ll, look on your phone or they’ll interview, you or they’ll come knock at your door.
Hey, we want to know everyone you, anyone you’ve talked to where you’ve been what you’ve been doing and we’re gonna get those people we’re gonna put them in quarantine.
That’S something that we’re expected to accept and that’s never been something that we’ve had before and we have a picture up now: mass surveillance and here’s a here’s, a here’s, an article from MIT.
We need mass surveillance to fight kovat, but it doesn’t have to be creepy.
Oh, it’s like Uncle Joe Stalin.
Totalitarianism doesn’t have to be so creepy, but that’s one of them, and you know there’s there are so many others of the new normal is compromised.
Immune systems.
Doctor Senator Goethe at Oxford talked about how the lockdowns weaken our immune systems.
We’Re not getting exposed to germs that were supposed to be so we were going to be perpetually weaker immune systems, and that, of course makes us more vulnerable to the new viruses that come down the fight right.
I don’t know what you think about those well they’re.
One question I had when you are mentioning these things: is there mandates, they tell me they have to do it, but what about the legality of it are these mandates?
Do they have any sense of reality as far as being legal, legal, locally local laws, legal constitutionally?
I don’t think they are, you know and that’s an extreme view.
You know that we have, but they don’t have the authority to do this.
So how do they get away with it?
The people are going along with it we’re outnumbered yeah, and it has to do with fear, because you have to be scared to death that if they don’t do it, you have two things: you’re going to get the virus and die or you’re going to be in Trouble with the law or are you going to be or are you’re gonna receive a fine?
So you have to have fear and then intimidation, there’s going to be serious repercussions if you don’t go along, and that also is necessary to maintain the totalitarian state.
Yeah yeah this this is just temporary.
This is a conditioning exercise for the masses and I don’t.
I cannot think for a minute that there isn’t some connection worldwide and I don’t think it’s just the virus, because we’ve had many infections have been worldwide in many, and this is less serious than some others, even some other influenza, but this never happens, but this is Worldwide, so it’s a lot of intimidation.
It has spread and when you look at what’s happening in our streets, when you can to get to see the banding together that the that the people who are tired of the lockdown and the people who are tired of police brutality and that brings out you know support from very good people, so I think it’s bad Ron Paul said that it was too much a police brutality, but they never followed through his a well.
What’S the alternative and that’s what we’d like to talk about yeah absolutely well, there are a few other things that just come up when you just start thinking about it.
Oh cashless society kills privacy.
The idea, the concept that you can have a forced vaccination and you can be forced to accept other medical treatments against your will.
Permanent state of emergency is another one.
Paul Ryan McMakin has a piece on Mises site today about the legality of extending emergency.
You know in Texas, you only get 30 days, calc Colorado.
You only get 30 days Florida 60 days.
Those have passed long since the legislators did not go back in and meet in, pass and say: okay, you can extend it the person who initially declared it the governor’s who now rule by decree of just you know expanded.
So the idea that we have a permanent state of emergency is another one of these ideas, these these that the new normal.
You know the idea that said the churches are subject to the whim of politicians.
You can close it.
It will low threshold for lockdowns.
The merger of business and the state and this is one we should talk about because remember the new updates for your Apple, your iPhone and your and your other phones.
They have a built in their the contact tracing the code.
Would contact tracing built into your private phone?
That’S gonna help the government follow you.
Oh, I know it’s.
It’S scary and a lot of people know about this, but they totally helpless and I have that feeling myself a help.
How what do you do?
How do you get out of this because we do become dependent?
We can we depend on on our televisions.
We are dependent on our internet services and getting out of our program, so there’s good and bad that exists there and to sort it out.
But there are people now trying to prepare for the day when our First Amendment rights are totally destroyed and there’ll be others that were fulfill the role and that’s why some freedom has to be maintained so that free markets and free minds can give us an alternative And that’s the same way with this, this idea of defunding the police.
Let’S say that we go along with it.
We have a coalition okay.
What do you fund the police, because some of these police departments are so corrupted they’re, so bad, we’ll defund the police?
Well, if, if you, if you don’t look to what you’re creating, then you have something like what they have in Seattle, it doesn’t really solve the problem.
The killing goes on, but you have to replace the authoritarianism that isn’t working the taxes and all the messes in the inner cities and the welfare state.
What you have to do is is not to go back exactly the way it was, but to think about what positive things you can do and that is honor and respect private property honor and respect the contract honor and respect the whole principle of the Second Amendment And I think that in no time, if you did it with a transition, say look in no time you’re on your own.
Why don’t you talk to your neighbors and find out how you’re in and defend your neighborhood?
Why couldn’t the business people in a city get together and do that?
But right now I don’t think because, right now, if you do it, you think you’re defending the defender of the property is the one: does who’s the biggest who’s the most guilty problem?
Well, we should we want to switch a little bit and you touched on it earlier.
We want to focus a little bit because I think this is really important.
The whole new lockdown he’s not quite a lockdown yet, but the governor threatened yesterday Abbot, the governor of Texas threatened and I’m sure other governors are following suit: hey if numbers keep, if we keep getting more cases, we’re gonna go back to lockdown, so you better Put your mass on: don’t you dare go to those bars?
The mayor of Houston said: I’m gonna make a list of all you naughty businesses and shame you, which is?
Can you map public servant doing this?
You know paid by these businesses, but it’s all based on these reports coming out of primarily Texas, but also California and elsewhere, that hospitals are being overrun.
That’S the reason: that’s the scare they’re at 95 capacity and I wanted to do a couple of things.
This is a couple of this is a message sent by one of the directors of emergency rooms in Houston, but first there’s a couple more Clips before we get to that, because I think it’s important.
This is one Paul we liked it.
We like to talk about what really matters, and these are deaths.
Each line represents a specific age group in the US for kovat, 19 and, of course, the bottom axis is the time axis.
We’Re here just past were looking ten days out of this, which is updated on 620 of 20/20.
That chart says everything: coronavirus is, if not completely dead is dying, people aren’t dying from it and that’s why they’re hyping the new cases, it just says it all.
Let’S go to the next one, and this is I’m gonna be quick, but this is sent to Alex Berenson who’s, doing a terrific job he’s a former New York Times reporter.
That does a lot of great work onto it.
Let’S leave that up.
Please a lot of great work on Twitter.
He got an email from the managing partner, general counsel of a Texas based company that owns and operates 13 emergency clinics in Texas.
He wrote to Alex Berenson.
I follow you reporting one to share some information on Texas.
I want to hear people.
I want people to hear this.
He said you know I’m gonna skip down.
In June, we tested over 20 231 patients.
The positive rate is now close to 20
In May, the vast majority of the cases are mild to very mild symptoms, average age of people getting tested as mid-30s a very different patient in terms of age than we’ve seen before June.
Most of these patients would not have met the strict criteria that we previously had for testing right now, that can all of a sudden they can get testing with more testing kits.
We can do a broader group.
He says: we’ve had very few Hospital transfers because of CO.
Vid and vast majority of the patients are better within two to three days of the visit and most would be described as having a cold, a mild one at that or symptoms related to allergies.
Usually we provide a steroid shot and some antibiotics and it seems to get better.
They say it makes a difference to do that in terms of the ER we’re almost done Paul, but in terms of driving them.
The ER roughly haven’t been told by their employers to get a test.
Let’S go to the next one.
They had a sneeze, something like this and their employer said: hey, go, get a test need to get a test because tests are easier to get now.
Essentially, it’s what’s happening, he says the average stay of kovat patients is three to five days much lower than the patients that were seen in April and May their symptoms are also milder.
Most of these patients are not in the ICU.
The ICU units are filled with really sick people and they’re non kovat issues.
They didn’t come in earlier, and this is what you’ve said before Paul, because they were too afraid to go in and now they’re super sick is what this administrator said.
Let’S go to the next one.
This is, I think, almost the last one and he said no real brief breakdown on the patients.
Who’Ve had kovat, who are not in hospital because of kovat.
So we’ve heard stories of how discharge planners are being pressured to put kovat as primary diagnosis and that pays significantly better hospitals want to avoid this discussion, but if they don’t, they risk another shutdown.
It may be an explanation for why there’s a gap in executives that just threw the final one.
Now this is the last his conclusion overall, based on what we’re seeing in our facilities.
The above information is really more of a positive story.
You have more people who are testing positive with minimal symptoms.
That means the fatality rate is less than commonly reported.
I’M sorry that was long, but that’s very fascinating.
This guy’s in the business he’s saying this is what we’re seeing well to me.
That’S all very important, but I think the most important chart that appeals to me is the one where it goes up and down to zero.
And I was thinking if we could take that chart and not label anything and show it to ten independent epidemiologists and tell them.
This is a this.
Is a record of an infection?
Tell us where we are on this.
It’S over yeah.
I mean it’s down to the baseline and and they haven’t quite admitted that yet but death thats what they should there should realize, but I think it should be announced.
Why don’t we announce today?
It’S essentially over and it’s come back to sanity, because it was essentially never as bad as they claimed.
Although it was bad because of some of the things that the way they were treated the misunderstanding, how it was politicized and yet that lockdowns are now turning out to have been every bit, if not worse than the epidemic, so this is the reality that has come About, but I I think that you know people will wake up and they are waking up and the epidemiologists are coming.
We were very impressed with the doctors in Houston, three major hospitals, saying that the headlines are not telling a story, even even a paper here.
The headline was saying one thing, but the next line said something else that it wasn’t nearly as bad as the headlines are saying.
But I guess that’s how that’s how some people you know, get people’s attention, but it’s also some people who see they can’t get support where people are intimidated and frightened.
I say please save me, we need the government who love.
What do you mean?
You don’t need the government for this well, they’re, not they’re, not very good at practicing medicine matter of fact: they’ve done a lousy job practicing medicine here and the more removed they are from the medical care system from the payment on down it.
It would be much better for all of us and I think truth is breaking out.
It was way overblown we’re moving in the other direction at Lee and yet the headlines haven’t changed, but they are already preparing for the next crisis.
The next virus so be the totalitarians, feel like they’ve, got a foot hole in the door and they’ve had that foothold in the door for a while, but it looks like got it up to their right now.
We need to do whatever we can to make sure that the totalitarians who believe that they have to run our lives and to run the world and that they know what’s good individuals, do not know what’s right for themselves.
They don’t know what’s right for their children.
It’S on and on so we need a better understanding and more confidence and more support for the principles of Liberty.
Then we can move on to a society where we will have more peace and more prosperity.
I want to thank everybody for tuning in today to the Liberty report.
Please come back.
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COVID-19 and the Rise of the Police State

In December 1917, Europe was immersed in the First World War—one of the most vicious, insane wars the world had ever witnessed. After learning about the high casualty toll and the horrific nature of trench warfare, which included the use of poison gas, Britain’s prime minister, David Lloyd George, confided in a private conversation to C. P. Scott, editor of the Manchester Guardian:

“If people really knew [the truth], the war would be stopped tomorrow. But of course, they don’t know, and can’t know.” 

Just over a century later, here we are, yet again, immersed in a global war. However, this war, which is ostensibly sold to all of us as a battle to “stop the spread of the coronavirus,” is in reality a war devised by “the powers-that-shouldn’t-be” to remove the last remnants of humanity’s inherent freedoms and liberties.

And, just like all of the previous criminal wars throughout human history—the First World War, the Second World War, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and every other subsequent conflict—if people around the world knew the truth about this war, it would come to a screeching halt overnight.

Through all of my years of research in matters relating to war, I have come to understand one very important thing: When human societies lose their freedom, it’s usually not because the monarch, the state, or some dictator has overtly taken it away. Rather, it is lost because too many people willingly surrender their freedom in return for protection from some perceived (real or imagined) menace.

That menace is typically manufactured by the state and is designed to stir up such a torrent of fear in the mind of citizens that they pressure their politicians to implement measures against the fabricated threat.

Unfortunately, it rarely occurs to the public to ask:

Are we simply reacting to an orchestrated threat?

Will the protective measures we’re demanding of our leaders actually work?

Or will “the cure” being offered to us be worse than “the disease”?

Sadly, we seem to have not learned from history that, once the state is asked by the citizenry to respond to a danger, it will do so with a drastic course of action—with rights-restricting rules that will never be removed once imposed. This is exactly how societies become despotisms. 

To be sure, there is a seasonal influenza, a coronavirus, currently sweeping around the world, just as the flu does every year, like clockwork. And, yes, this particular coronavirus seems to pose a serious health hazard to the elderly and to anyone with underlying medical issues. However, one crucial question has being avoided by officials and the public alike: Is this outbreak of an infectious disease called COVID-19 serious enough to warrant the draconian countermeasures that all governments—with the exception of Sweden—have initiated?

Those counteractions have done a number on communities everywhere:

  • collapsing local economies and, in a ripple effect, the world economy
  • sending millions upon millions of people to the unemployment line
  • imprisoning millions of honest, hard-working citizens in their homes
  • bankrupting countless mid-size and small businesses (and destroying the dreams and livelihoods of their owners)
  • bringing out of the woodwork rules-obsessed busybodies who take delight in snitching on neighbors and strangers alike for not “social distancing”
  • unearthing every petty tyrant whose main mission in life is to ensure that every mask-less person is arrested and carted off to jail
  • policing quarantined areas with drones
  • tracking and surveilling all human beings who are ambulatory and have cell phones (if ants carried mobile phones into and out of their mounds, they’d doubtless be subject to  triangulation tracking)
  • increasing stress and the incidence of flaring tempers among the homebound, which has resulted in a sharp escalation of domestic violence
  • saddling future generations with massive debt that can lead debtors into deep depression, permanent homelessness, possible suicide 

Medical professionals are observing the entire state of affairs with increasing alarm. They are questioning the official coronavirus infection rates and noting the detrimental effects of the lockdown. Examples abound.

Take Dr. Erickson, co-owner of Accelerated Urgent Care in Kern County, California, who, with his partner, Dr. Massihi, has gone on record saying that, in contrast to the high numbers of people contracting this coronavirus, there has been only “a small amount of death . . . similar to what we have seen every year with the seasonal flu.”

Stanford University epidemiologist and professor of medicine John Ioannidis has made the same observation. In an April 17 interview, Dr. Ioannidis he claimed that “COVID-19 has an infection fatality rate that is in the same ballpark as seasonal influenza.” Moreover, he said, the devastation and deaths caused by the imposed lockdown on the entire world economy “can be far worse than anything the coronavirus can do.” Based on a study he conducted, Dr. Ioannides said that “the data collected so far on how many people are infected and how the epidemic is evolving are utterly unreliable.”

Indeed, we have seen ample evidence of this “utterly unreliable” data—less euphemistically known as manipulated data—coming out of Italy. Professor Walter Ricciardi, scientific advisor to Italy’s minister of health, referred to a report produced by the Italian COVID-19 Surveillance Group and observed that “only 12 per cent of death certificates have shown a direct causality from coronavirus, while 88 per cent of patients who have died have at least one pre-morbidity—many had two or three.” The report cited by Prof. Ricciardi pointed out that half of the patients who died had three or more other underlying diseases at the time of death.

In the United States, meanwhile, the death toll figures attributed to the virus are no more accurate. Doctors are being told to write on death certificates that the cause of death is “presumed” to be COVID-19 or that COVID-19 “contributed” to the death, when, in fact, there is absolutely no proof that COVID-19 caused the death, nor did any lab test indicate a COVID-19 positive.

The United Nations’ Geneva-based World Health Organization (WHO), which has been entrusted to be an impartial global health guardian, has proven itself no better than national governments at truthfully disseminating critical information. WHO’s questionable statistics on COVID-19 only serve to cement its reputation as an organization that, since 2009, has been plagued by corruption, conflict-of-interest scandals linked to Big Pharma, and a lack of transparency. Few citizens are familiar with the WHO’s transgressions, and even fewer understand how it is financed.

So let me briefly explain the latter. The WHO’s principal advisory group for vaccines and immunization is called the Scientific Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE). This team of so-called “experts” is dominated by individuals who receive significant funding from either the major vaccine makers, from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, or from Wellcome Trust. In his informative article, “Can We Trust the WHO?” author F. William Engdahl writes that, in the latest posting by WHO:

“. . . of the 15 scientific members of SAGE, no fewer than 8 had declared interest, by law, of potential conflicts. In almost every case the significant financial funder of these 8 SAGE members included the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Merck & Co. (MSD), Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance (a Gates-funded vaccine group), BMGF Global Health Scientific Advisory Committee, Pfizer, Novovax, GSK, Novartis, Gilead, and other leading pharma vaccine players.”

Moreover, unlike in its early years, when the WHO was primarily funded by UN member governments, today it receives funding from a “public-private partnership,” which vaccine companies dominate. The WHO’s financial audit for 2017 indicates that by “far the largest private or non-governmental funders of WHO are the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation together with the Gates-funded GAVI Vaccine Alliance, the Gates-initiated Global Fund to fight AIDS.” That year, the Gates Foundation alone donated a staggering $324,654,317 to the WHO, second only to the US government, which contributed $401 million. According to statistics posted in 2018, “the second-largest funder after the US government is still the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which provides 9.8 per cent of the WHO’s funds.” 

In light of these relationships, it is not surprising that WHO data on COVID-19 has been found to contain repeated errors—false positives—and inconsistencies, all of which it refuses to correct. As a result, Oxford University and various countries have ceased using WHO data on coronavirus infection rates.   

Because of the inaccurate and incomplete data that WHO has been collecting from around the world, we will never know exactly how many people have died from the virus. 

Of course, in order to successfully prosecute their war on our civil liberties, these global overlords must maintain a monopoly on the information that shapes their official narrative.

If they were to release videos of empty hospitals or reveal the very low mortality rates actually associated with the virus, they would not be able to foster the element of fear required to keep the public credulously accepting their every pronouncement and obeying their every edict. It is this single factor of fear, fomented by false information emanating from “trusted sources,” which is the vital element our health-state/police-state nannies rely upon as they deliberately, calculatingly fan the flames of the collective hysteria that has engulfed the world.

Why do I say “deliberately, calculatingly”? Because, by now, most readers have undoubtedly seen the smoking gun proof that the COVID-19 pandemic is in fact a plandemic. That smoking gun took the form of a simulation exercise called Event 201.

More aptly termed a drill, Event 201 was held in mid-October of last year, just weeks before the reports of the first recorded case of a contagious novel coronavirus disease starting seeping out of Wuhan, China. Sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the John Hopkins Center for Health, and the World Economic Forum, this tabletop exercise simulated “a series of dramatic, scenario-based facilitated discussions, confronting difficult, true-to-life dilemmas associated with response to a hypothetical, but scientifically plausible, pandemic.” That its sponsors have the gall to insist there is no connection between their exercise (I mean “drill”) and the near-simultaneous unrolling of the actual “live” event (dubbed COVID-19) speaks to their hubris—and their hypocrisy.

At best, maybe 10 percent of the entire simulation was devoted to actually helping people infected with the coronavirus. The remainder of the exercise was concerned with how officials would disseminate information and maintain all-important control of the official narrative—including the statistical narrative. Predictably, the participants discussed strategies for how to silence the misinformation and disinformation that would surely spread in the wake of this “hypothetical” pandemic. In other words, they were super-intent on shutting down any and all information, whether leaked or hacked or accidentally discovered, that was not sanctioned by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), by WHO officials, and by MSM corporate stenographers.

Key talking points included an elaborate plan of action for governments that would enable them to work in cooperation with social media giants like Facebook and Google and Twitter. Specifically, governments were told how they could troll social media sites and request that any voices countering the official narrative be removed; how they could silence independent journalists, while elevating their own so-called “authoritative voices”; and how they could join forces with Big Pharma companies like Johnson & Johnson to develop a vaccine to ward off the coronavirus .

What happened to the action plan when it was applied to the on-its-heels real-life scenario? Unsurprisingly, it was fully implemented and made fully operational. So, thanks to Event 201’s meticulous pandemic planning and WHO’s replication of it, the power of the police state is rising to unprecedented levels. Our global overlords and their CDC and WHO and MSM lackeys have succeeded in generating fear in the planet’s populace. This pandemic panic has, in turn, caused people to voluntarily, though unwittingly, surrender their hard-won freedoms. These freedoms are articulated in the constitutions of countries around the world, including the US Constitution, with its Bill of Rights—notably the First Amendment. These documents are now nothing more than meaningless pieces of paper. They may as well be blank.

A few for instances: Facebook is removing all voices that counter the official COVID-19 narrative from its platform. Google is monitoring (read: snooping) to check up on whether people are “social distancing.” The Clinton Global Initiative is promoting another Orwellian concept called “contact tracing” (read: total government surveillance grid), which involves monitoring, tracing, and, if need be, quarantining the entire US population. The plan is being sold to the American population as a critical component of a universal healthcare system, when, in reality, if implemented, it will be nothing more than a marketing ploy to disguise the arrival of George Orwell’s 1984.

Throughout the US, companies like VSBLTY and public-private partnerships are spreading a ubiquitous surveillance network of CCTV cameras with the ability to measure heartbeat and social distancing without any legal or legislative restraint—a true police state dystopia.

Power-grabbing governments the world over have locked down their societies and are dreaming up legislation to stop the spread of “dangerous misinformation” about the pandemic. British MP Damian Collins, for one, is calling for just such measures to silence free speech in the UK. In Canada, Privy Council President Dominic LeBlanc has admitted that the Canadian government is “considering introducing legislation to make it an offense to knowingly spread misinformation that could harm people.”

Not to be outdone, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has announced the creation of “a new United Nations Communication Response initiative to flood the Internet with facts and science while countering the growing scourge of misinformation.” In addition, the Secretary- General, like Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and various other leaders, is advising us precisely where to place our trust: in vaccines.

Vaccines are not the answer. If the mandatory vaccination agenda is ever implemented by these globalist kingpins, the coup against our fundamental rights and freedoms will be complete. Our governments—or, more likely, a one-world government!—will force-vaccinate us with our own unique digital ID and chip that, once in place, will further heighten their surveillance of and tighten their control over all human beings. At that point, the police state will be complete and will be here to stay.

Contrary to what Trudeau believes, the way that governments have implemented oppressive edicts to combat the hyped virus is not the “new-normal.” Their actions are hardly normal, whether old or new.

Precisely the opposite is true: This is forever abnormal.

Abnormal because, whether the virus was developed in a bioweapons lab or if it is the annual seasonal influenza, it is a manufactured crisis designed to infuse us with fear, induce us to willingly surrender our freedoms, and steer us away from seeing the ever-scarier, underlying agenda of a technocratic takeover by the New (or Flu!) World Order. (Think AI, 5G, Internet of Things, digital body chips, Data Fusion Centers, the NSA’s Project Prismad infinitum).

This collective insanity will come to an end only if we all leave behind the MSM nest of lies and seek out sources—independent online and in-print investigative journalists like James Corbett, F. William Engdahl, Derrick Broze, Ryan Cristián, Patrick Wood, Jon Rappoport, and countless others—who have been probing for (and finding and relaying) the truth about world events for anywhere from a decade to several dozen years. We must cease buying into propaganda and accept only provable facts from dependable sites—the ones that are called “fake news” by the real fakers and fearmongers.

To men like David Lloyd George and his ilk, we reply: Yes, we will learn the truth, and with this knowledge, we will stop the war on our liberty and our lives!  




https://www.globalresearch.ca/covid-19-rise-police-state/5711076 By David Skripac

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UK: From the Plandemic to Dictatorship

From someone who lives in the UK…

Health Act 1984 in UK 🇬🇧 which was recently updated in April 2020 to add Coronavirus Act 2020, takes human rights away. They can take you an entire family based on reasonable assumptions you have an infectious disease and quarantine you in a hospital or other place and cease your properties. Secondly, no permission is required to enter your property as long as they suspect you of the virus🦠 This Act is now active and being used to quarantine and shut everything down including your God-given rights to go for a walk…soon they will be telling you when to shop, when to work, how to dress in public. How to greet people, how to worship etc…I don’t know about you but for me, that’s not living life…after all, the economy is gone and the rich just got a little richer whilst me and you have become more founded in our peasant life. No job no money no food no shelter after we reopen the world 🌍

Govern means control. Ment means mind. Government means mind control. They know average people are just cattle.

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. The content in my videos and on the WORDPRESS – WORDPRESS channel are provided for informational purposes only. Use the information found in these videos as a starting point for conducting your own research and conduct your own due diligence BEFORE making any significant investing decisions. WORDPRESS assumes all information to be truthful and reliable; however, I cannot and do not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of this information. Thank you!

What Einstein and I have in common

No. I am not a genius nor a  Physicist or a mathematician. I remember the days of Princeton. I lived several years in Princeton, NJ and actually worked part-time at the Princeton University while studying and trying to start my professional career. I was young (20’s).

I remember how people in the area were so proud of speaking about Albert Einstein and visiting his home in Princeton (where Einstein’s had his office).

I visited and passed by his home many times as it was on my way to work. I was not impressed. I just thought he was just another guy the history happened to speak about. His home is now a museum and a pride to the city of Princeton.

So why do I feel I have something in common with Dr. Einstein?

The other night while watching the movie ‘Genious’ about Albert Einstein’s life story and his upbringing during the German war WWII and eventually his departure and arrival to the United States (Princeton, NJ professor), he did something I was not aware of.

At one point during the movie, Einstein received a letter in which he officially renounced his German citizenship and became stateless.

I am officially stateless.  Why would Einstein do that? His response was ‘because nationalism is a national disease. The measles of men kind.’

As I started my soul searching and spiritual path, several years ago,  I also thought about renouncing any so-called citizenship but soon came to find out, it is not as easy as it may appear. Filling up paperwork and paying the required fees (e.g. exit tax, etc) could be easier than actually living a life as a stateless person.  Especially now that all governments cared about is TAXes  (how to steal more money from their citizens) and terrorism (how to keep their citizens under control).

I respect him more than ever – a citizen of the world. Someone that believed in something and stood up for it by becoming a world citizen.

The mandate for the WORLD PASSPORT is Article 13(2) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

Everyone has the right to leave any country, including one’s own, and to return to one’s country.

If you are interested in becoming a World citizen like Albert Einstein, visit the worldservice.org website.



http://www.history.com/news/history-lists/9-things-you-may-not-know-about-albert-einstein World passport