UK Government Petition – No to COVID Vaccine Passports

Dear Friend 11 months ago I was called a ‘conspiracy theorist’, ‘tin foil hat wearer’ and that I had ‘an overactive imagination’ for suggesting that in due course our Gov would require us to have some sort of document to be able to move around freely in our own country. Time has proved me correctContinue reading “UK Government Petition – No to COVID Vaccine Passports”

British Government – UK GOV Scare Tactics for more Lockdowns

Repost from State of the Nation This is how they’re scaring the British with a supposedly more infectious strain of COVID-19 to justify a more severe lockdown. Posted on December 14, 2020 by State of the Nation UK Warns Of Highly Infectious New Coronavirus Strain Discovered In Southern England Remember all those Twitter armchair analysts who whined aboutContinue reading “British Government – UK GOV Scare Tactics for more Lockdowns”


MOCKING THE VACCINATED GOYIM WITH THE MAGIC SIX MILLION   Vaccines are bioweapons yet this NURSE never worn one while injecting a 90 year old woman. Masonic Hand signal Numerology – In March/April, we saw how they used numerology and used 6ft or 33 deaths… Here’s another proof they used numbers to official start theirContinue reading “THE MAGIC SIX MILLION – VACCINATED”

U.K. REBELLION! Students, Medical Professionals, and Public Resist Lockdowns!

by Brian Shilhavy Editor, Health Impact News While the U.S. Presidential elections continue to dominate the media in the U.S., citizens all across the U.K. protested the nation’s new lockdowns this week. Hundreds of students came out to protest at Manchester University. Image source Manchester Evening News. At Manchester University, students woke up on the first dayContinue reading “U.K. REBELLION! Students, Medical Professionals, and Public Resist Lockdowns!”

LEAKED EMAILS Reveal NO Lockdown For Wealthy Areas

NO CORONAVIRUS LOCKDOWN FOR TOP TORY CONSTITUENCIES Wealthy areas, including the chancellor Rishi Sunak’s parliamentary seat, are avoiding lockdown despite having higher Covid-19 rates than poorer areas that are subject to restrictions, according to leaked emails between health officials. Gabriel Pogrund and Tom Calver The government is under growing pressure to explain why it hasContinue reading “LEAKED EMAILS Reveal NO Lockdown For Wealthy Areas”