Biodigital Convergence: Bombshell Document Reveals the True Agenda In the coming years

Biodigital Convergence: Bombshell Document Reveals the True Agenda In the coming years, biodigital technologies could be woven into our lives in the way that digital technologies are now. Biological and digital systems are converging, and could change the way we work, live, and even evolve as a species. More than a technological change, this biodigitalContinue reading “Biodigital Convergence: Bombshell Document Reveals the True Agenda In the coming years”

Facebook vaccine fact-checkers funded by…vaccine company stock holder! is not an unbiased source of vaccine information. Facebook-partnered website’s COVID-19/Vaccination “fact-checking” project is funded by a group that holds $1.9 billion in Johnson & Johnson stock and is headed by the former director of the Centers for Disease Control. Roughly 15% of said foundation’s assets are J&J stock.” site explains that itsContinue reading “Facebook vaccine fact-checkers funded by…vaccine company stock holder!”

VAERS Reports

“VAERS reports are classified as serious if any of the following are reported: hospitalization, prolongation of hospitalization, life-threatening illness, permanent disability, congenital anomaly or birth defect, or death. (1). An anxiety-related event was defined as any of the following occurring in a person during the 15-minute post vaccination observation period at any of the fiveContinue reading “VAERS Reports”

BIO-HACKING – #ArrestBillGates for Practicing Medicine Without a License

#ArrestBillGates Never finished college Not an Engineer Not a doctor Not an Epidemiologist Not a Virologist Not Elected Owns virus patents Owns vaccine companies Visited Epstein Island several times BioHacking-Gates-2 Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching,Continue reading “BIO-HACKING – #ArrestBillGates for Practicing Medicine Without a License”


Peter Humphrey interviews Dr. Lee Merritt on CV-19, cheap and effective treatments, and the “vaccine” (bioweapon) in the context of biowarfare.Mirrored from download and share widely. The New American» Alex NewmanHealthcareUnited Statesby TNA Video January 15, 2021The New American MagazineBio-warfare & Weaponization of Medicine Amid CovidIn this explosive interview with Senior Editor Alex Newman ofContinue reading “DR. LEE MERRITT ON CV-19 AND BIOWARFARE”

The Next Crisis – Cyber Security Attack

Make no mistake the plan will not be stopped , they will simply release the weaponized virus any time to accelerate the plan , and imo that is not far away , when the vax is ready globally , which it is is because the nano tech VAXX that is not a vax at allContinue reading “The Next Crisis – Cyber Security Attack”

Lies, Lies and more Lies – Quack Hack

A voluntary vaccination that is required to travel, go to school, or even just leave your home is not actually “voluntary” at all, especially, when many of the most advanced COVID-19 vaccines include aborted fetal cell lines. Humanity Is Being Deceived. Viruses, Natural or Man-Made can be controlled in the Cells with Angstrom Mineral SolutionContinue reading “Lies, Lies and more Lies – Quack Hack”

Censorship, DisInformation and MisInformation: Event 201

5 years ago, the idea that all the world’s elite were involved in a pedophile ring was considered to be a crazy conspiracy theory. Then we found out about Epstein. Why are people so upset about .04% of the population dying? And just for the record, is Bill Gates a doctor? Is he a politician?Continue reading “Censorship, DisInformation and MisInformation: Event 201”