ELIZABETH HOLMES EXPOSED: THE $9 BILLION MEDICAL ‘MIRACLE’ THAT NEVER EXISTED Elizabeth Holmes promised the world a medical revolution. At 19, she claimed to have invented a miniaturized machine that with a single drop of blood could map a person’s health quickly, reliably and cheaply. She boasted that her technology meant serious diseases like cancerContinue reading “THE $9 BILLION MEDICAL ‘MIRACLE’ THAT NEVER EXISTED”

Moderna: The Next Fraud?

Moderna’s CEO has connections with NAID and Dr. Fauci before the Coronavirus. Market Futures are skyrocketing due to headlines that Moderna has released promising COVID 19 vaccine study results. In this video I explore the company’s history, its CEO and connection to the White House Exposing The Moderna Vaccine Scam One place was at NIHContinue reading “Moderna: The Next Fraud?”