The Next #Plandemic will be Deadlier

Dr Ariyana Love: “Johnson and Johnson’s trigger mass sterility and include components of Ebola and the Marburg virus. They aren’t simply pretending to fight this pandemic, they’re deliberately paving the way for the next one, which will be far deadlier.” Finish naturopathic Doctor Ariyana Love says there’s new research out of Spain supporting theContinue reading “The Next #Plandemic will be Deadlier”

New words added to our vocabulary from this ScamDemic

Dr Jane Ruby, [Aug 29, 2021] We have so many new words added to our vocabulary from this ScamDemic: Variant a.k.a. Mutation Cases a.k.a. Fake positive test without symptoms Fully vaccinated a.k.a. What the government says you are Selfish a.k.a. Love of liberty Mask a.k.a. A reused repository of human exhaust and environmental filth utilizedContinue reading “New words added to our vocabulary from this ScamDemic”


EVEN ATTACKS BY MEANS OF NEGATIVE REVIEWS CANNOT STOP THE TRUTH TO BE EXPOSED ================================================== Henry Kissinger confirms that the best way to depopulate the planet is through the use of vaccinations. Source: Chembuster Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism,Continue reading “THE ONLY WAY TO GET A VIRUS IS TO BE INJECTED WITH IT”

The Virus is Conformity

We have heard this over and over again. “My brother died in a car crash; they told us the cause of death is Covid-19”. “My dad committed suicide; they put Covid-19 on his death certificate”. “My gran had cancer of the lungs; the hospital said it was Covid-19”. Thousands of people have been shouting outContinue reading “The Virus is Conformity”