Never Before Seen Pfizer Docs, 666 Wuhan/Pfizer Facility, Depopulation & more w/ Whistleblower pt 1

Former Pfizer quality auditor turned whistleblower, Melissa McAtee, joins the program to disclose more explosive information and documents. She first gained notoriety disclosing fetal cells and glowing vials in the Pfizer mRNA “vaccine” by Project Veritas. She now joins us to share even more explosive information and never seen before documents. You can see moreContinue reading “Never Before Seen Pfizer Docs, 666 Wuhan/Pfizer Facility, Depopulation & more w/ Whistleblower pt 1”

A Psychopath – Meet the governor of New York.

They replaced CUOMO -The Grandma Killer and sexual abuser with this jews psychopath…The entire US government is run by the JEWs mafia. The same people that destroyed Europe and Germany in previous war. The war is now here in the USA and these criminals will not stop until they destroy America as most Americans areContinue reading “A Psychopath – Meet the governor of New York.”

#BOYCOTT: Edge Certificates

I DO NOT CONSENT. STOP CONSENTING. EVERYTHING WILL END THE DAY YOU STOP CONSENTING. Covid Red Pills , [Jul 18, 2021 at 2:56 PM] Klaus Schwab’s daughter Nicole Schwab is the co-founder of a company that issues “Edge Certificates” to companies. The certificate pushes for forced diversity hires, lgbt employees, and pay equality. Merit based hiringContinue reading “#BOYCOTT: Edge Certificates”


A tiny “Arc Processor” sitting within the Intel CPU with its own custom version of Linux (Minix) operating beyond the software level – completely transparent to the end user. Does not matter if your using Windows, Linux or Apple iOS…you are toast and this is how Israel does it. All part of The Talpiot Program.Continue reading “#KnowYourEnemy THE TECH TAKEOVER: WAR BY THE BACKDOOR”

Luciferian Agenda: Switzerland Tunnel Ceremony CERN The Satanic Ceremony Nobody Seemed To Notice Witches and Warlocks…. Have you heard Geordie Rose the creator of the D-Wave Quantum Computing machines describe his insane works? He describes them as devices able to tap resources and intelligences from ‘other dimensions’. Demons. His words. Entities not good or evil, just indifferent and infinitely smarter,Continue reading “Luciferian Agenda: Switzerland Tunnel Ceremony CERN”


#DepopulationAgenda #Mutation #Corona #COVID-19 #Vaccines Half-Time Super Bowl 55 Ritual = SATAN can be seen on the screen during the usual performance… Numerology… 33 millions (33 is the illuminati / freemason number) already vaccinated in the USA. The UK variant is in at least 33 States… WHO – Vaccine depopulation agenda Copyright Disclaimer Under SectionContinue reading “I PET GOAT 2 – SUPER BOWL 55 HALFTIME SATANIC RITUALS”

A Mass Genocide/Awakening New Year 20/20

Repost from All around me are familiar faces Worn out places, worn out faces Bright and early for the daily races Going nowhere, going nowhere Their tears are filling up their glasses No expression, no expression Hide my head, I wanna drown my sorrow No tomorrow, no tomorrow – From Mad World, Tears for Fears (1982)Continue reading “A Mass Genocide/Awakening New Year 20/20”


The military in the business of killing people soooo this sounds about right. Operation Warpspeed for Agenda 21 , The Biometric tracking implanted Chip Vaccine Monitored all day every day Wireless Control Restrictions living in Herd Immunity Cities , Death Mask Wearing 🐑 will Comply. America is gone already. Prepare for tribulations. Trump is finallyContinue reading “TRUMP: MILITARY IS GOING TO DELIVER VACCINE IN A VERY POWERFUL MANNER”