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Castor EDC – Data Management Made Easy!

I recently was approached by a group of scientists that have developed a unique EDC system for researchers. Usually, you have a group of developers or gurus / geeks around some science major staff trying to understand how the EDC system they purchased works. But to hear that the system was actually developed by the scientists itself was news to me. So the email piqued my curiosity.  And as the email stated ‘our goal is make professional data management systems available for every researcher,’ I proceeded to spend time researching more.

As per my previous post, I like to ask the question about ‘names’ so here I asked the founder of Castor the same question…What is in the name besides letters? 

Castor is the Latin name for the beaver family, and the logo is designed as a safe haven (the wall around the dot) for data (the dot in the center), but still accessible, just like a beaver’s ‘lodge’: hard to get into, but safe and comfortable inside.-Derk, founder

Why Castor?

Affordable multicenter EDC, GCP compliance, that is self-managed and you can do everything yourself. The system works on any platform and everybody can use it.

How to get started?

There are NO contracts or third-party involvement. You go to CastorEDC portal and click on –> Register

Anayansi Gamboa - Castor EDC

Create a new Study – once you have registered, you start building your study with ‘form builder’ tool. In order to build a form, you need to create phases (called usually visits like screening, visit 1, visit 2 and so on) and forms (that are referred by Castor EDC as ‘steps’ such as ‘Inclusion / Exclusion Criterias, Demographics, Vital Signs’, etc).

Now that you have defined your visits and forms, you need to add your fields. To the left of the form builder, you will find pre-defined set of fields from yes/no radio buttons to text fields to date fields and checkboxes. There are a lot of field types with several properties for each fields.

Another good feature is called ‘dependencies’.  For example, if you have a RACE field that collects multiple races codes including the OTHER, specify option; you can have a dependency text field appears ONLY when the OTHER option is checked.

Castor EDC Demo Castor EDC - Demo

Is Castor EDC CDISC-Compliant?

Currently, the system is being upgraded to comply with CDISC standards and this feature should be available by end of 2015.

Is castor EDC Affordable?

To calculate your own price or to have an idea of how much it will cost you to run your trial or research project, go to Pricing and Features.

Why people are choosing Castor EDC?

Reason 1 – It is fast –  your trial is up and running in days.
Reason 2 – Affordable – packages to fit any budget. No more Access or Excel to collect data.
Reason 3  – Easy to Use – Everyone can enter data with Castor EDC

Using Castor EDC is very easy, just follow these 10 steps:
1. Create your account.
2. Create your Study.
3. Build your Study structure.
4. Build forms for study data, reports for repeated data (i.e. SAE forms) and surveys for patient questionnaires (ePRO’s).
5. Test your forms via record management.
6. Check your settings , set randomization, record ID generation, and multicenter options.
7. Invite colleagues and participating researchers.
8. Set rights for every individual user.
9. Set your Study to live to start collecting real data.
10. Collect clean and valid data for your study!

Need more information?

See castoredc.com if you need affordable Electronic Data Collection for your study.

If you are looking for a study builder or clinical programmer to support your clinical trials and data management department, please use the contact form.

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