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Motto of the Month – Success

Success is the progressive realization of the worthy goal or ideal. – Earl Nightingale

I have been listening to motivational audios for over 2  years now, and this is TRUE FACTS! Never give up on your values, beliefs and morals.

A man/woman is what he / she thinks about all day long. Think about this too, All the hate in the fake news (a.k.a. communication channels whether radio, tv or internet) about racism,  gender or economic classes can affect you at your subconscious level and limit your potential for growth.

Success - Anayansi Van Der Berg


The real problem with people isn’t simply fear but conformity as we do what we see or are told to believe what we see or hear. GOD is within you.

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Features of Success

What is it that makes one person succeed and another fail when the two seem to have about equal ability?  Some have said that the difference is in the amount of motivation and effort each brings to the job.  Others have said that an intent to become excellent is the main difference.

At least four items likely to have a vital effect on our success:

  1. basic ability
  2. a desire to excel
  3. an aim to succeed
  4. and zestful effort

If any one of these is absent or at a low level, our chances for success are lessened. These features, however, can be developed if we wish.

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Are you consider yourself a successful person?  Share your thoughts on the comment below.

Freelancing/Consulting 101: Don’t send your CVs/Resumes yet until you…

What successful freelancers/consultants wish they’d known from the start?

Before you send over your CV or resume to that agency claiming they have a contract/project in your related field, ask who the client is, job responsibilities and location of the project to be performed.

After you gather enough information (most companies will come forward with this information some will not release the name of the company until you have sent them your CV), check out LinkedIn or similar professional social media and find an ex-employee or current employee and ask those serious questions about the work environment, management style and what is a day-to-day look like at your company/department?

They’re easy to get along with

After a while you’ll find that some jobs/clients are better than others. So you don’t feel desperate and you’re able to say “no I don’t need to take on this project, I can wait for something better to come along” and it usually does.

I hope you don’t feel daunted by this! I just learnt this stuff the hard way and I don’t want you to as well. You will make mistakes, but everyone does and the important thing is to learn from them.

Not every client is worth it!

Next time, I will cover contracts, legalese languages and what to look for with some examples. I will also cover USA [Employment at Will] and EU [Right to work] laws and which agencies or third parties you should avoid.

Beware, agencies already have a boiler-platter contract and may not be applicable to the jurisdiction where you currently reside and/or where the client is located at. We will get in some stuff you don’t supposed to know.

Anayansi Gamboa, “I am someone who influence my own development. I look for a company where I have the opportunity to pursue my interests across functions and geographies, and where a job title is not considered the final definition of who I am, but the starting point.”

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Legista sine canonibus parum valet, canonista sine legibus nihil

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