It’s all rigged: case numbers, death certificates, vaccine efficacy, and the Biden Presidency

Posted on December 22, 2020 by State of the Nation by: Lance D Johnson (Natural News) The 2020 Presidential election is just as rigged as Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) case counts, the fraudulent death certificates, and Big Pharma’s vaccine efficacy studies, and these FRAUDULENT REALITIES are on the verge of merging and becoming a weapon of deprivation and medical tyranny,Continue reading “It’s all rigged: case numbers, death certificates, vaccine efficacy, and the Biden Presidency”


Facts about Covid Vaccine rollout: What happened in Australia?; New HCQ study with Dr. Zelenko; Dr. Bhakdi on the Covid shot; Dr. Gold’s 5-point plan #CovidFacts #HCQ #ZelenkoProtocol #5WokeQuestions According to the CDCs own numbers the general mortality rate was greater last year than this year! This is the greatest swindle ever perpetuated on humanity.Continue reading “THE VACCINE EXPERIMENT BEGINS”

There is Undeniable Mathematical Evidence the Election is Being Stolen

THEY HAVE HAVE BEEN CAUGHT RED HANDED, AND THEY WANT YOU TO HEEL TO THEIR TREASON. Use the BRAVE browser – It’s FREE, 3X FASTER than Chrome & it WON’T spy on you. Plus, it has a built-in ad blocker! Evidence is mounting of massive voter fraud but don’t take my word for it. JoeContinue reading “There is Undeniable Mathematical Evidence the Election is Being Stolen”

The polls lied and so did Big Tech…

Reposted by permission from Liberty Counsel Action. The polls projected a blue wave across America. The fake news did, too. Big Tech did everything in its power to hide important truth that voters needed to know before marking their ballot. Instead of a blue wave, all 11 pro-life women incumbents won reelection, while at leastContinue reading “The polls lied and so did Big Tech…”

Clinical Trials Terminology for SAS Programmers

Entry Level SAS Programmers Statistical Programmer:requires him to program using the SAS language to analyze clinical data and produce reports for the FDA Bioanalyst, Clinical Data Analyst, Statistical Programmer Analyst and SAS Programmer: same as Statistical programmer. Biotechnology:companies which is a general term used to explain a technique of using living organisms within biological systemsContinue reading “Clinical Trials Terminology for SAS Programmers”