World Economic Forum: Future Of Work Agenda

Transhumanism, AI surveillance, “smart” cities = 100% control Quite frankly, I would rather die of ‘Covid’ than live in the Hell Realm of Totalitarian command/control ‘Government’ that has swept in via the World Economic Forum ‘Great Reset’ global Corporate hostile takeover bid. I am happy to devote my entire life to the exposing &Continue reading “World Economic Forum: Future Of Work Agenda”

The 3 G’s: Gun, Gold and a Getaway plan

Many of you have gold and guns but very few have a getaway plan. I suppose its partly because most of us refuse to believe that things will get so dire that we will have to leave our homes and our neighborhoods. If you live in or close to a major city, then the risksContinue reading “The 3 G’s: Gun, Gold and a Getaway plan”

Wanted: Contact Tracers

Please delete me from your contact list (email, phone, name, etc). I do not care if you are POSITIVE COVID or NEGATIVE COVID. This is a fake virus, a plandemic. I will not comply. I will not get tested. I will not take any tests or vaccines. What’s in a name? Everything. Find out aboutContinue reading “Wanted: Contact Tracers”