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Describe Your Table in SAS to Write the SQL Code

Describe Your Table in SAS to Write the SQL Code
By Stephen Overton posted on the bi-notes.com

Ever had the need to write SQL create statements for existing tables but felt too lazy to write it by hand? Ever wanted to reverse engineer tables into SQL code? Have no fear, PROC SQL is here. Use the DESCRIBE statement to get the full blown SQL code to create the table. This is particularly good for generating empty table structures to insert data with ETL code. In the data warehousing world, having SQL code to create empty tables is referred to as the Data Definition Language (DDL).

Example: Describe Statement Using PROC SQL
Running the following describe statement produces the SQL create statement to define the table and columns.

proc sql;
describe table SASHELP.CLASS;

The SAS log provides the create statement:


SAS Support provides additional information on the DESCRIBE statement.

Source: Steve Overton, SAS BI Notes