Dictator Desanti – PHASE 3 of lockdown

On September 25, 2020, Dictator Desanti announced his phase 3 plan including not arresting or fining people for not wearing masks. In Pennsylvania, a Federal Judge declared Pennsylvania’s coronavirus restrictions ‘unconstitutional’. The same outcome was about to be declared in Florida as many pending lawsuits are underway. Desanti has violated not only federal laws, butContinue reading “Dictator Desanti – PHASE 3 of lockdown”

Got Medrio? The Next Best EDC…

Medrio is a low cost solution that offers easy mid-study                changes and intuitive phase I workflows. One of my favorite features of Medrio is the Skip logic functionality. So what is Skip logic? Let’s demonstrate this feature by using the Demography form / Race field: In many EDC systems that I am currently using orContinue reading “Got Medrio? The Next Best EDC…”


Comments? Join us at {EDC Developer} Anayansi Gamboa, MPM, an EDC Developer Consultant and clinical programmer for the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry with more than 13 years of experience. Available for short-term contracts or ad-hoc requests. See my specialties section (Oracle, SQL Server, EDC Inform, EDC Rave, OpenClinica, SAS and other CDM tools) As theContinue reading “Randomisation”