Repost from Get CDC flu statistics for past years for your state here: This has never been about a virus in the first place. It’s all Political. They wanted to crash the economy and then blame Trump. Russia didn’t work. Impeachment didn’t work. Soon after we had the Coronavirus. It’s all BS. CDCContinue reading “LABCORP AND FDA SAY TESTS NOT ACCURATE”

Common cold can test positive for COVID antibodies

Reposted by permission from Liberty Counsel Action The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention admits that having a common cold could trigger a positive COVID antibodies test. USA Today and MSN both rushed to fact-check similar claims as “false.” But is their analysis correct? Keep reading to learn the rest of the story. … Meanwhile, governors acrossContinue reading “Common cold can test positive for COVID antibodies”

They Want to Kill Six Billion of Us – Here’s How They’ll Do It

International best-selling author, Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA, explains that the people planning to rule the world want to reduce the global population to 500 million. And he then explains how’ll they’ll kill the six billion of us they want to eliminate. They Want to Kill 6 Billion of Us – Here’s HowContinue reading “They Want to Kill Six Billion of Us – Here’s How They’ll Do It”

OSHA Covering Up Face Mask Danger?

Why hasn’t US Occupational Safety and Health Administration bothered to do any testing on the potential negative effects of mandatory workplace face masks? An increasing number of individuals have tested C02 level build-up inside masks using OSHA-approved equipment and the results have been concerning. Why doesn’t OSHA take the time to either disprove or confirmContinue reading “OSHA Covering Up Face Mask Danger?”

The Great Awakening – Oxygen Deficient

This is the reality. Don’t be fooled. Open your EYES and SEE the TRUTH. NEVER COMPLY with the ENEMY that wants to destroy our constitutional rights to live, to breathe… We are being lied to, and our God given/natural rights and freedoms are being taken away under a virus less deadly than the common flu.Continue reading “The Great Awakening – Oxygen Deficient”