SAS Cheat Sheet – Part 6

The macro facility is a tool you can use in your programming./* Macro Language %DO macro-var=start_value %TO end_value %DO %WHILE (expression); /*Executes a section of a macro repetitively while a condition is true*/ %DO %UNTIL (expression); /*Executes a section of a macro repetitively until a condition is true*/ Macro variables can be stored in eitherContinue reading “SAS Cheat Sheet – Part 6”

Concatenating SAS data sets with the APPEND procedure

The APPEND procedure is an efficient method for concatenating observations from a smaller data set to a larger data set. The BASE= data set option is reserved for the larger of the two data sets with the DATA= option for the smaller data set. Essentially, the APPEND procedure avoids reading any observations in the BASE=Continue reading “Concatenating SAS data sets with the APPEND procedure”