What can you do to beat the 1%? Enjoy this proactive episode in which we show you the true effect of mass demonstrations, signed petitions, and setting up groups of warriors who are not afraid to write or call those who do not serve the best interest of the 99%. The outcome of the aboveContinue reading “THE SEQUEL TO THE FALL OF THE CABAL – PART 24”


$100,000 PROOF OF LIFE REWARD OFFER FOR NURSE TIFFANY DOVER MURDERED BY COVID LETHAL INJECTION. She is dead as a carp. Nobody is going to collect that $$$$. It is amazing to me they killed this lady and then were still able to go out and kill millions more people. They buried that story andContinue reading “NURSE TIFFANY DOVER MURDERED: $100,000 PROOF OF LIFE REWARD OFFER FOR”


This sounds very much like a made up conspiracy theory. However, it is a FACT and it is TRUE and it is happening in almost every hospital around the world. Watch and learn why you are being warned to stay far away from hospitals. Surrounded by patients with terminal illnesses, their families, and fellow AmericansContinue reading “HOSPITALS BEING PAID TO MURDER YOU – $100,000+ PER PATIENT”

ALERT: Medical Murder at the Hospitals (Hospitals are murder factories)

EMERGENCY BROADCAST: MALICIOUS MEDICAL MURDER HAPPENING RIGHT NOW: HOW YOU CAN HELP They will kill you. Attorney Thomas Renz rushing to the airport to catch a flight out to the hospital to stop a murder in progress. The Stew Peters Show. Call: Mercy Hospital Heart and Vascular Center 763-236-8800 Care (Murder) Coordinator is Heather herContinue reading “ALERT: Medical Murder at the Hospitals (Hospitals are murder factories)”

Hospital Covers Heads of COVID-19 Patients with Plastic Bag!

In October, we learned about a Facebook post with a picture of a young woman in a hospital gown with a plastic bag covering her head from Dr. Richard Bartlett. According to the post, the young woman tested positive for COVID-19 and was in an emergency room in Odessa, Texas because she could not breathe. Pre-bag. LetContinue reading “Hospital Covers Heads of COVID-19 Patients with Plastic Bag!”

11 Doctors Injured by COVID Shot GO Public 3000 South Australian health workers protest. No longer can msm say they don’t know. This nurse drops the truth about what’s really overwhelming the hospitals in Australia!! – 30 out of 38 patients in ICU are vaxed. – Most hospitalisations are vaccine injured. – Myocarditis raging among vaxed. – Massive government/ media coverup. CopyrightContinue reading “11 Doctors Injured by COVID Shot GO Public”

Maine case even more urgent . . .

Our fight against COVID mandates is moving at lightning speed. On Friday, the Supreme Court chose not to grant extraordinary relief for an injunction pending a full review of the case. But the case on behalf of more than 2,000 Maine health care workers is far from over. Also on Friday, in another case weContinue reading “Maine case even more urgent . . .”

The ‘vaccine’ killed Tiffany Dover, the nurse who received it & fainted live on TV

Covid Vaccine Injuries, [Oct 30, 2021 ] The ‘vaccine’ killed Tiffany Dover, the nurse who received it & fainted live on TV. The mRNA ‘vaccine’ killed Tiffany Dover while demonstrating the ‘safe and effective’ vaccine live on telALieVision then seemingly disappeared without trace thereafter. Her death was initially covered up. But as always the truthContinue reading “The ‘vaccine’ killed Tiffany Dover, the nurse who received it & fainted live on TV”

When will the Sheeple finally wake up

The Sheeples will easily be lead to the slaughter… They know full well the damage the covid vax is doing, their own system tells them. RN Nurse speaks Out! I am calling on all freedom loving peoples to organize military tribunals and bring these devolved pagans to justice. When convicted of the worst crimes inContinue reading “When will the Sheeple finally wake up”


Multiple nurses and a doctor DEAD after jab! Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personalContinue reading “WHISTLEBLOWER NURSE!”