The Next #Plandemic will be Deadlier

Dr Ariyana Love: “Johnson and Johnson’s trigger mass sterility and include components of Ebola and the Marburg virus. They aren’t simply pretending to fight this pandemic, they’re deliberately paving the way for the next one, which will be far deadlier.” Finish naturopathic Doctor Ariyana Love says there’s new research out of Spain supporting theContinue reading “The Next #Plandemic will be Deadlier”


Serious cases of myocarditis in young people after receiving the #Covid19 vaccines are piling up across the US. Although the CDC is downplaying these cases, some hospitals are now having to change monitoring protocols for any child that comes in after receiving the shot and is experiencing unexpected symptoms. #Myocarditis #YoungAdults #RiskVsReward #CDC #VaccineInjury #TheHighwireContinue reading “HEART INFLAMMATION IN YOUTH RECENTLY VAXXED”