Merck: Molnupiravir was developed for the treatment of Influenza.

Covid Vaccine Injuries, [Oct 2, 2021] Molnupiravir was developed for the treatment of Influenza. According to whistleblower complaint Molnupiravir has mutagenic properties and may change your DNA. Now, Molnupiravir has been repurposed for COVID-19. Merck has entered into agreements with Indian manufacturers and has also announced $5 million of donations to enter into Indian market.Continue reading “Merck: Molnupiravir was developed for the treatment of Influenza.”

New words added to our vocabulary from this ScamDemic

Dr Jane Ruby, [Aug 29, 2021] We have so many new words added to our vocabulary from this ScamDemic: Variant a.k.a. Mutation Cases a.k.a. Fake positive test without symptoms Fully vaccinated a.k.a. What the government says you are Selfish a.k.a. Love of liberty Mask a.k.a. A reused repository of human exhaust and environmental filth utilizedContinue reading “New words added to our vocabulary from this ScamDemic”

Merck to produce COVID Treatment after 12 Billion Government Contract

* PLEASE READ THIS. START TO FINISH. * “Copying this mechanism will give Merck a way to earn from an existing cheap drug’s action [#ivermectin] by relabeling it,” — DrBeen Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting,Continue reading “Merck to produce COVID Treatment after 12 Billion Government Contract”

MERK: Colossal Waste of Taxpayer Money for a Drug We Don’t Need

The FLCCC’s Dr. Pierre Kory: The “U.S. Supply Deal with Merck is a “Colossal Waste of Taxpayer Money for a Drug We Don’t Need.” In a public statement, Dr. Pierre Kory, Chief Medical Officer of the FLCCC Alliance, said that the U.S. is “going to commit $1.2 billion of taxpayer money in order to enrichContinue reading “MERK: Colossal Waste of Taxpayer Money for a Drug We Don’t Need”

Debunking the Lies in COVIDLAND

PCR test cannot tell you if you have virus or dead chunk of it. No other virus ever on this planet has been accompanied by so much testing—has created so much nonsense and panic.” —Dr Stadler, Prof Emeritus & Former Director of The Institute for Immunology, Bern University-17.Nov. 2020 France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, NetherlandsContinue reading “Debunking the Lies in COVIDLAND”

The Great Reset is not a conspiracy theory

Sunday, November 22, 2020 by: News Editors Tags: Collapse, conspiracy, conspiracy theory, covid-19, economy, global reset, Globalism, James Delingpole, lies, propaganda, The Great Reset, world economic forum The Great Reset is not a conspiracy theory. But lots of useful idiots want you to believe that it is. (Article by James Delingpole republished from Here’s an example: The phrase has shot throughout the fringes of Right-Wing Twitter like a virus throughContinue reading “The Great Reset is not a conspiracy theory”


COVID IST EIN BETRUGS-SCHEMA – HIER EINIGE FAKTEN THE NAZIS ARE BACK! – The arrest of Dr. Andreas Noack occurred after the passage of the ‘Infection Protection Law’ which was protested widely by vast sections of the German population. The arrested doctor was supposedly providing medical assistance to anti-lockdown protesters. According to reports, “TheContinue reading “NAZI TROOPERS STORM COVID SKEPTIC DOCTOR’S HOME”

Anti-Lockdown Protests All Across Europe

*******German Police******* In case you missed it, here are the German police storming the house of one Dr. Andreas Noack while he is livestreaming on youtube. Apparently he’s a naturopathic doctor who may not believe every word of the Corona narrative. The police didn’t realize that he was in the middle of an interview forContinue reading “Anti-Lockdown Protests All Across Europe”