The Foegen effect

Winter of severe illness and death didn’t work so now they are planning a summer of starvation and famine. MEDICINE JOURNAL The Foegen effect A mechanism by which facemasks contribute to the COVID-19 case fatality rate Fögen, Zacharias MD∗ “The “Foegen effect” theory; that is, deep re-inhalation of hypercondensed droplets or pure virions caught inContinue reading “The Foegen effect”

More countries join mandates . . .

Reposted by permission from Liberty Counsel Action.  A second continent just bowed to Vaccine Passports after the World Health Organization (WHO) launched its new global push. Now about 2.8 billion people (out of 7.7 billion total) are subject to government-controlled medical restrictions before traveling. Australia joined Africa and India in mandating these Vaccine Passports, whichContinue reading “More countries join mandates . . .”

Gov’t forced to reveal this is not safe . . .

Repost by permission from Liberty Counsel Action . The Biden administration has known all along that the COVID shots are dangerous. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been forced to release documentation on the adverse reactions caused by COVID shots. Once they knew, instead of warning the public, the Biden administration implemented a BILLIONContinue reading “Gov’t forced to reveal this is not safe . . .”

Witness tampering hides the truth . . .

Repost by permission from Liberty Counsel Action. Liberty Counsel Action has been providing research assistance to its sister organization, Liberty Counsel, which is challenging in court mandatory COVID injections. The eve before this hearing in Navy SEAL 1 v. Austin, a critical witness was ordered NOT to testify regarding the high number of COVID shotContinue reading “Witness tampering hides the truth . . .”

ICAN Beats OSHA Vaccine Mandate

ICAN Wins Lawsuit Against OSHA Mandate in the Supreme Court Watch interview on The HighWire with ICAN attorney Aaron Siri where he talks about this important victory here. Anayansi, your support helped lead to that amazing victory at the Supreme Court and the resulting announcement by the Department of Labor that it was dropping the OSHAContinue reading “ICAN Beats OSHA Vaccine Mandate”

A list of studies regarding masks

A list of studies regarding masks, including N95 masks that have been ignored and in some cases ridiculed throughout this COVID saga. Please share! Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair useContinue reading “A list of studies regarding masks”


Disgusting behaviour from a woman who SPITS and PUNCHES an elderly man on a flight for “not wearing a face mask”. The irony is that she has hers around her chin! 1- Masks DO NOT work 2-The more you wear it, the more you are prompt for other illness and diseases i.e. CANCER, lungs /Continue reading “BRAINWASHING ALERT: COVIDIAN DEATH CULT”


Repost from The Healthy American. To my fellow Healthy Americans, You know that I am on the record saying that “OSHA will be the key to bringing down this house of cards.” –>> From my banned video that was the first-to-reveal how face masks violate OSHA’s oxygen standards in confined areas (click here to watch on Bitchute) —>> ToContinue reading “BREAKING NEWS: OSHA HALTS ENFORCEMENT!”


Covid Red Pills , [Nov 4, 2021]  EVERYONE OF THESE TREASONOUS OSHA PARASITES NEED TO BE ARRESTED FOR TREASON  1. Douglas L. Parker – Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA 2. James Frederick – Deputy Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA 3. Amanda Edens – Deputy Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA 4. Leah Ford –Continue reading “EVERYONE OF THESE TREASONOUS OSHA PARASITES NEED TO BE ARRESTED FOR TREASON”

OSHA WANTS VACCINE SIDE EFFECTS SWEPT UNDER THE RUG Source: Covid Red Pills Fair Use Notice: Images/logos/graphics on this page contains some copyrighted material whose use has not been authorized by the copyright owners. We believe that this not-for-profit, educational, and/or criticism or commentary use on the Web constitutes a fair use of the copyrighted material (as provided for in section 107 of theContinue reading “OSHA WANTS VACCINE SIDE EFFECTS SWEPT UNDER THE RUG”