I saw a LOT MORE mosquitos this year than ever. I know cause I have a farm and I am outside with the animals or watering all day long. Some mosquitos looked bigger than usual. Did they contaminate my blood? Soon will find out. We have a planet called ‘slavelandia’ run by psychopaths. Kill Bill.Continue reading “BITTEN BY A MOSQUITO? YOU MAY HAVE BEEN VACCINATED AGAINST YOUR WILL”

“Imagine, A World Without DIS-EASE” –

Excerpt from my book, “Imagine, A World Without DIS-EASE” – In today’s world, the number one reason the body is in the state of dis-ease is toxicity. I believe I can prove this statement in many ways throughout this book but let me use an example to what happened to the man’s best friend –Continue reading ““Imagine, A World Without DIS-EASE” –”

New study: RNA injections and risk of Prion diseases:

Florida Daily, [Jan 14, 2022] New study: RNA injections and risk of Prion diseases: There is an old saying in medicine that “the cure may be worse than the disease.” The phrase can be applied to vaccines. In the current paper the concern is raised that the RNA based COVID vaccines have the potential toContinue reading “New study: RNA injections and risk of Prion diseases:”

When the Flu Comes, Chaos begins

STEPHANIE SENEFF: MIT SCIENTIST CLAIMS COVID VACCINES MAY CAUSE DISEASES IN ’10 TO 15 YEARS’ Credit to RAIR Foundation USA. Support them here: Source: Free Speech Warrior THE 666 GRAPHENE NANO HIVE MIND IS HAPPENING NOW Huge credit and appreciation to RussBrown and check out his channel here: The Genocide Act 1969 (C12) was an ActContinue reading “When the Flu Comes, Chaos begins”

Amazing dirty beyond imagination for normal people

Our World In Balance: The Story of Robert Strecker Emerging Viruses – AIDS and Evola – 07 ( The Strecker Memorandum SHOCKING – Once were the Living – FULL COVID SCAM UNCOVERED! ( We are not tested we are already vaccinated by the test.   Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976,Continue reading “Amazing dirty beyond imagination for normal people”

Mammograms finding COVID-19 vaccine-related swelling in lymph nodes

Mammograms finding COVID-19 vaccine-related swelling in lymph nodes — but health care providers say the findings are causing ‘unnecessary fear’  

#TeamChemTrail #SprayandSpray

For years, I have noticed planes passing by, releasing white smokes/clouds.  These clouds stay in the area for hours. I have seen these planes go back and forth releasing what it is know now as “CHEMTRAILS”. The earth and all organisms on this planet are dying. I see more and more trees falling down fromContinue reading “#TeamChemTrail #SprayandSpray”

Co infections Presentation, Diagnosis and Treatment HD

At the “Symposium on Tick-borne Diseases” held May 17, 2014 at the Hyatt in Cambridge, Maryland, Dr. Richard Horowitz provided insights into the many diseases humans are contracting from ticks, and he helps us to differentiate between the different illnesses. The event was hosted by the Lyme Disease Association of the Eastern Shore of MarylandContinue reading “Co infections Presentation, Diagnosis and Treatment HD”

Bartonellosis: One health perspectives on an emerging infectious disease

Ian Beveridge Memorial Lecture 2014 by Professor Ed Breitschwerdt, DVM, is a Professor of Medicine and Infectious Diseases at the Center for Comparative Medicine and Translational Research, College of Veterinary Medicine North Carolina State University Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. Lyme Disease and the Nervous System with Patricia K. Coyle, MD At the invitation of SouthamptonContinue reading “Bartonellosis: One health perspectives on an emerging infectious disease”