Case may determine if vaccines can be mandated

Reposted by permission from Liberty Counsel Action. Yesterday, lawyers argued a case before the U.S. Supreme Court that will impact your religious freedom. Part of the issue before the Court is whether it should reverse a terrible case that weakened the First Amendment in 1990. This case involves a Catholic foster care ministry that conflictsContinue reading “Case may determine if vaccines can be mandated”

Unmasking The Queen’s Corporate Fraud

Unmasking The Queen’s Corporate Fraud In addition to being the Queen of England, Elizabeth II claims to be the Queen of Canada and the Queen of Australia, and her prime ministers swear an oath to her. And as you’re about to discover, it’s all a corporate fraud. Source: Fair Use Notice: Images/logos/graphics on thisContinue reading “Unmasking The Queen’s Corporate Fraud”

Legalese: Employment Contracts vs At Will Contracts Part I

In this world, we have two kinds of contracts, invisible contracts; those that somehow we have with governments (there are no paper trails and because they say so) and the paper contracts, those in which we have at least two parties agreeing to terms and conditions written on a piece of paper. For the purposeContinue reading “Legalese: Employment Contracts vs At Will Contracts Part I”