Make History. Destroy Fake Science

On 14 May, 2020, I personally delivered your and others 100k+ signatures to the President. I received a phone call from the White House and shared all the lies and fraud of Fauci. I’ve called a debate on July 29th with Fauci at MIT Kendall Square at 12 noon. Our #FireFauci campaign, which WE unleashedContinue reading “Make History. Destroy Fake Science”

No Title Required

The Crash of 2020 is finally here and about 2 years late…wait… we have the Wuhan virus to distract us from the financial collapse. Do you know what happens to a bubble? The next outbreak? 2015 Bill Gates TED speech A bad flu season is 80,000 dead from influenza this year, we have a hundredContinue reading “No Title Required”

Becoming a Data Scientist {EDC Developer + Statistical Expert + Data Manager}

At an early age, I was drawn to computers. I did well in math; I love science and I started enjoying programming when my stepfather gave me a small computer to program games. This was my real experience with programming. I think the programming language was Basic. The computer had some built-in games and basicContinue reading “Becoming a Data Scientist {EDC Developer + Statistical Expert + Data Manager}”