SAS Cheat Sheet – Part 6

The macro facility is a tool you can use in your programming./* Macro Language %DO macro-var=start_value %TO end_value %DO %WHILE (expression); /*Executes a section of a macro repetitively while a condition is true*/ %DO %UNTIL (expression); /*Executes a section of a macro repetitively until a condition is true*/ Macro variables can be stored in eitherContinue reading “SAS Cheat Sheet – Part 6”

From Non-SAS Programmer to SAS Programmer

SAS Programmers come from many different educational backgrounds. Many has started their careers as a Data Manager in a CRO environment and grew to become a SAS programmer. Others have gone to college and pursued degrees in math, statistics or computer science degree. Do you have SAS Skills? First, you need to find out moreContinue reading “From Non-SAS Programmer to SAS Programmer”

Good Programming Practice for Clinical Trials by Sunil Gupta

The following are draft recommendations a Good Programming Practice for analysis, reporting and data manipulation in Clinical Trials and the Healthcare industries. The purpose is to encourage contributions from across companies, non-profit organizations and regulators in an attempt to create a consensus recommendation. The ambition is that this page becomes recognized by the Pharmaceutical Industry,Continue reading “Good Programming Practice for Clinical Trials by Sunil Gupta”