Top 3 Posts at (EDC Developer)

Fist, I would like to thank everyone who has read articles posted at {EDC} Developer. Especially, my colegas and friends from India. The highest reading and hits have come from people living in India. New to the industry? Want to get in as clinical data manager or clinical programmer? Looking for a particular topic orContinue reading “Top 3 Posts at (EDC Developer)”

iReview in Clinical Data Management

JReview® is the web-enabled version of Integrated Review™ (iReview). It allows users to view, create, print, and interact with their Integrated Review™ objects locally on an Intranet or securely over the Internet. JReview® can be run in two different modes of operation (authoring and non-authoring) in addition to two modes of communication (clear-text and SSL).Continue reading “iReview in Clinical Data Management”

Why use JReview for your Clinical Trials?

Issues with existing database query tools: – Limited resources for current database query tools (Crystal Report, SQLServer, etc.) – Custom reports in SQL Servers required validation – Reports are not globally accessible. Why chose Integrated Review? Offers flexibility to the users when viewing the data Users can create their own reports without validation Provides aContinue reading “Why use JReview for your Clinical Trials?”