If we ever meet again – PoisonYvs

If we ever meet again – Irene Jotadé Por si nos volvemos a encontrar – Irene Jotadé Everything happens because of something so if in the future we cross paths again, I hope you know how to interpret the signs that surround us, which may be in our favor. That day when we see eachContinue reading “If we ever meet again – PoisonYvs”

Faded – Where are you now?

Ik hou van je en ik mis je heel erg… My favorite voice performance… Baby I’m wasted All I wanna do is drive home to you -Faded lyrics ZHU Where are you now Where are you now Where are you now Was it all in my fantasy Where are you now Were you only imaginary Where areContinue reading “Faded – Where are you now?”

Farewell to a Beloved Pet

Our dogs are more than just pets to us.  My dogs are my best friends, they are part of the family – a very small family I have known. They’re our secret keepers and playmates. Nobody loves us more than our dogs. That is why we give them everything they need to make them happy andContinue reading “Farewell to a Beloved Pet”