Tip #5 – Download library of 200+ Code Samples

Download 200+ highly organized code samples with a single click of the mouse. Each sample includes an explanation of the syntax involved. This library can become a programmer’s expanding toolkit that will rapidly increase productivity over time. Progress Monitor members can always download the latest version of this growing library as a single file. CodeSamplesContinue reading “Tip #5 – Download library of 200+ Code Samples”

Tip #4 – Install LinqPad

Tired of querying in antiquated SQL? Well, you don’t have to! LINQPad lets you interactively query databases in a modern query language: LINQ. Kiss goodbye to SQL Management Studio! LinqPad comes with 100s of great LINQ samples. Work through the 5-minute induction under the Samples section after installing Low Impact version of LinqPad 4.0. LinqPadContinue reading “Tip #4 – Install LinqPad”

Tip #3 – Become an Expert at Debugging

Studies have shown that we spend 50% of our time debugging, but only learn debugging by trial and error. This webcast by John Robbins was in the top 10 favorites on Microsoft web site, and it is a real goldmine. Watch this 4-hour webcast on debugging, and you are bound to save many times thatContinue reading “Tip #3 – Become an Expert at Debugging”