FDA Does Not Follow Its Own Advice Regarding Testing

The FDA repeatedly asserts the importance of tracking Covid infections in the workplace, schools, etc., authorizing hundreds of tests and even claiming that “testing remains a cornerstone of the national response to the pandemic and plays a central role in helping Americans get back to work, school and other important activities …” But it does not appearContinue reading “FDA Does Not Follow Its Own Advice Regarding Testing”


EMPTY TEST CENTRES (UK) VS RISING POSITIVE CASES-LUCIFERIAN PLANDEMIC FOR MANDATORY VACCINES ID-2020 A Summary of the Devil’s Plandemic so far – Mandatory Vaccines – ID-2020 Mark of the Beast 666: https://www.bitchute.com/video/A43tgQd3Rjxs/ YouTube Channel Deleted Video Link: https://data.troo.tube/videos/Mr%20PARAdox/index.html Mark of the Beast ID-2020 Patent Number WO/2020/060606 Enforced with H.R. 6666 – FIVE GEE + VACCINESContinue reading “TEST CENTRES (UK) – COVID Plandemic”

What Kary Mullis says about PCR testing – some take away lessons for #COVID19?

The inventor of PCR is Kary Mullis has also done a lot of research on HIV. In this youtube, he states that ‘the presence of a piece of RNA’ does not mean ‘sick or contagious’. RNA chunks can be present in our bodies for up to weeks. He also says that PCR is so powerfulContinue reading “What Kary Mullis says about PCR testing – some take away lessons for #COVID19?”

#PropagandaWatch – The Pandemic is a Test Run

Reposted by permission from corbettreport SHOW NOTES AND MP3: https://www.corbettreport.com/the-pan… The death cult that wants to suppress humanity has issued their warning: the lockdown of the world in the name of the global scamdemic is not the end of this madness. It is only the beginning. Join James for this week’s edition of #PropagandaWatch asContinue reading “#PropagandaWatch – The Pandemic is a Test Run”


Repost from https://www.thehealthyamerican.org/ Get CDC flu statistics for past years for your state here: https://bit.ly/3iWOZxg This has never been about a virus in the first place. It’s all Political. They wanted to crash the economy and then blame Trump. Russia didn’t work. Impeachment didn’t work. Soon after we had the Coronavirus. It’s all BS. CDCContinue reading “LABCORP AND FDA SAY TESTS NOT ACCURATE”

Coronavirus: Is this how they plan to steal and sell your DNA?

Governments everywhere are busy rolling out antibody testing programmes. Antigen tests, which involve taking a swab from the nose or throat, simply show if someone actually has the coronavirus in their body. Antibody tests involve taking a blood sample and looking to see if the body contains antibodies which respond to the virus. If youContinue reading “Coronavirus: Is this how they plan to steal and sell your DNA?”

Top 3 Posts at (EDC Developer)

Fist, I would like to thank everyone who has read articles posted at {EDC} Developer. Especially, my colegas and friends from India. The highest reading and hits have come from people living in India. New to the industry? Want to get in as clinical data manager or clinical programmer? Looking for a particular topic orContinue reading “Top 3 Posts at (EDC Developer)”