Germans Fight for Freedom while Americans are still Asleep

#GlobalNews #COVID19 #coronavirus Coronavirus: Police clash with protesters in Berlin against new COVID-19 restrictions Berlin police clashed with protesters on Wednesday as thousands rallied against recent coronavirus restrictions near the German city’s landmark Brandenburg Gate. Protesters threw bottles, and witnesses reported smoke bombs were also set off, with riot police arresting some demonstrators. Authorities also used waterContinue reading “Germans Fight for Freedom while Americans are still Asleep”

CDC Bombshell: Only Six Percent Of “Covid Deaths” From Only Covid!

Repost from RonPaulLibertyReport Over the weekend the Centers for Disease Control dropped a bombshell report on coronavirus/Covid deaths: of the approximately 165,000 “Covid deaths” less than ten thousand died from Covid. The rest – a vast majority – had on average 2.6 serious additional diseases, with the addition in most cases of extreme advanced age.Continue reading “CDC Bombshell: Only Six Percent Of “Covid Deaths” From Only Covid!”

Zeiten Schrift: Corona-Pandemie

Liebe Leserinnen und Leser unseres Newsletters! Anfang Juli ist die neue ZeitenSchrift 102 erschienen! Und natürlich müssen auch wir uns intensiv mit der Corona-Pandemie auseinandersetzen, von welcher der weltberühmte englische Virologe John Oxford sagte: „Tatsächlich leiden wir unter einer Medien-Epidemie!“. Sowohl Politik und Systemmedien haben kläglich dabei versagt, die Öffentlichkeit mit wissenschaftlich korrekt interpretierten Fakten aufzuklären. DannContinue reading “Zeiten Schrift: Corona-Pandemie”

Society of the Sojourner

Dear Readers, Please accept our apologies for having ”dropped off the planet earth” during the last 6 months, with not producing any new posts on this blog. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we here, at EDC Developer, do hope that you have not given up on reading us… Actually, in some ways…we did goContinue reading “Society of the Sojourner”