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Fuzzy (niet) Te Koop

Nog een dag dan krijg ik een hond. Champ has been in Panama for several years and with family issues, I decided to get me another White Westie. I told my partner and even though my partner was not convenience, we head out North of Holland to find a white westie.

As we arrived, I hear a lot of barking. blaffenblaffen! As we approach the area where they have the white westie puppies, one came over to me. The puppies were friendly and playful not realizing they were females pups. I didn’t want a female dog so we asked if they had any males left. Indeed. There were two left. One was quiet and not interested in us and the other one kept coming towards us. As we asked more questions, I decided we should leave and keep looking. As we try to make our way outside, I noticed that one of them kept looking at us. Like saying ‘take me, take me’. Nu krijg wij hond. So we did.

Fuzzy te koop
Fuzzy te koop




Maar het is geen waakhond. Fuzzy blaft niet. Een hond die niet blaft?

Fuzzy rent hem na. Fuzzy runs after every car or motorcycle that makes noise. Or barks at everything that makes noise.

Some people are bang van honden. Hoewel mensen niets speciaals doet, lijkt het toch alsof alle honden op hem blaffen en grommen.

Honden zijn eng

Fuzzy has now turned 5 years old. He is loved with his own personality and full of energy. I regret not having training him properly because sometimes I want to get rid of him and find him a new home. Mijn hond kan het best. Maybe it is time to call on Cesar Millan’s– Dog Whisperer . šŸ™‚

Het is al heel laat! Fuzzy (niet) te koop…