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Opportunity to Forgive

Forgiveness is simply a process where we seek to eliminate from our mind and heart all the resentment and hurt that we are holding in our being because of what someone said or did towards us.

I was told that healing is closure. It is time for that closure otherwise I will carry out that karma until I do so. Today, I am releasing my forgiveness so we can finally move on and break this karmic pattern.

Today I choose to send love energy to those who hurt me and who are hurting…

Forgiveness is something we have to find within ourselves.

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Both Miserable Apart

The judgement can be of second changes. Give a second chance to a ex-partner. It is a way to see things differently. For you to be able to do things differently.

An Awakening…

Maybe you need to behave differently in the way you treat your ex-partner. Maybe some of you may want to grant a second chance to your ex-partner. But it could also highlight you want a second chance with your ex-partner.

Release the package and be able to forgive.

Try to gain more insight or a fresh perspective.  They are choosing not to take any action. Your ex-partner may have gained a new perspective and there may be things about them or their personality, their ways or attitude are needed to be changed. They are choosing not to make any actions.

They are stubborn. Yvonne Koelemeijer

Justice Tarot Card
Justice Tarot Card

These events are been brought up by their own attitude.  It could be that they have gained a fresh perspective of what they want or do not want.  But at the moment, they are choosing not to act.

In the other hand, you are needing to take a time out. Like a force isolation.  To go within yourself and reflect.

They are not taking any action.

They are feeling worried, feeling anxious; going around and around their own head.

Their heads in the cloud.

We are miserable apart, both. We waste and fade away and torture ourselves in absence; but only to breath the same air.

Your ex-partner is looking back at the past. Remembering when things were feeling content and secure. They are not choosing to take any action.

No action = no emotionally fulfill. Lack of communication.

Neither of you are happy apart. If the communication line between you both, could become better, then you will both see how miserable you are by being apart.

Should I give a second change?

Miserable Apart


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