#FireDrFauci: List of Mistakes and Lies

Reposted by permission from Liberty Counsel Action 1-Fauci says he warned Trump in January that the US was in real trouble but that is not what he said publicly. TRENDING: Fauci Tells Sharpton He Warned Trump Admin in Mid to Late January “We Were in Real Trouble” from Coronavirus In January Dr. Anthony Fauci told NewsmaxContinue reading “#FireDrFauci: List of Mistakes and Lies”

How the Pharmaceutical Industry became into existence?

The Birth of the Pharmaceutical Industry can be traced back to 1850 – 1875 where the first “authentic” drug was developed by extracting agents from plants. In those years, there were also developed the microbial theory of disease, medicines and homoeopathy patent and there heavy use of powerful purgatives and cathartics medicines. By 1875, theContinue reading “How the Pharmaceutical Industry became into existence?”

Eliminating Informed Consent on Human Experimentation with Vaccines and Drugs

The 21st Century Cure Act would demand that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) add an exemption from informed Consent requirements for those clinical trials that pose no more than minimal risks and the appropriate safeguards protecting the right, safety and welfare of subjects. The above can be found in section 3024 – Informed ConsentContinue reading “Eliminating Informed Consent on Human Experimentation with Vaccines and Drugs”

Data Management Plan – Database Archive

Indicate how you intend to archive and share your data and why you have chosen that particular option. The DMP should outline specific information regarding the organization’s procedures for archiving the electronic records. Good practice for digital preservation requires that an organization address succession planning for digital assets. Which criteria will you use to decideContinue reading “Data Management Plan – Database Archive”

A Risk-Based Approach To Monitoring

A risk is any uncertain event or condition that might affect your project. Not all risks are negative. No single approach to monitoring is appropriate or necessary for every clinical trial. FDA recommends that each sponsor design a monitoring plan that is tailored to the specific human subject protection and data integrity risks of theContinue reading “A Risk-Based Approach To Monitoring”