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W.H.O VigiAccess: 2.7M Adverse Reactions to COVID Vaccines

WHO Database Lists 2.7M Adverse Reactions to COVID Vaccines As of Tuesday, Dec. 14, VigiAccess—the WHO global database of reported potential drug side effects—records a total of 2,727,042 adverse drug reactions related to COVID-19 vaccines. Launched in 2015 as part of the World Health Organization (WHO) Programme for International Drug Monitoring, the database provides publicContinue reading “W.H.O VigiAccess: 2.7M Adverse Reactions to COVID Vaccines”

W.H.O Database has over 2 Millions Adverse Effects For COVID Vaccines

WHO RUNS OWN DATABASE OF 2+ MILLION ADVERSE EFFECTS FOR COVID JABS AND I FOUND SOMETHING PECULIAR THERE… Editor’s note: According to international law and the Nuremberg Code (adopted after World War II and the discovery that Dr. Joseph Mengele had been conducting experimental medical procedures on prisoners without their consent), no medical procedure may beContinue reading “W.H.O Database has over 2 Millions Adverse Effects For COVID Vaccines”


Theory on why they are collecting our DNA is so they can have a baseline to compare our DNA BEFORE and AFTER people receive their mRNA vaccines to see if the vaccines ‘did their job’……i.e our Genome was modified! Except in the head of the snake and its (n.)lMedieval Latin pharmacia, from Greek pharmakeiaContinue reading “THEY ARE COLLECTING OUR DNA”

Fraude de las Vacunas #HPV

Los graves daños de la vacuna del papiloma fueron obviados desde las primeras investigaciones El escándalo en torno a la vacuna del virus del papiloma humano no cesa. Un nuevo estudio publicado en Clinical Rheumatology documenta cómo los fabricantes de Gardasil y Cervarix, las vacunas del papiloma, utilizaron diferentes «trucos» en los ensayos clínicos para ocultar la gran cantidad de efectos secundarios asociados conContinue reading “Fraude de las Vacunas #HPV”