Arrest Bill Gates – Echos the World

Who is behind COVID-19? 20:1 profit for Bill Gates if he gets to sell his vaccine to 7 billion people or 200 Billion dollars. Diputada Italiana denuncia la Pandemia – Bill Gates crimes against humanity. Italian Government calls for Arrest of Bill Gates for Crimes against humanity. German congress woman speak out… Positive Covid-19: AContinue reading “Arrest Bill Gates – Echos the World”

Clinical Trials – Computerized Systems

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) established the Bioresearch Monitoring (BIMO) program of inspections and audits to monitor the conduct and reporting of clinical trials to ensure that data from these clinical trials meet the highest standards of quality and integrity and conform to FDA’s regulations. Computerized systems used in clinical trials refer to theContinue reading “Clinical Trials – Computerized Systems”

Hashgraph: Electronic Data Capture Future?

Hashgraph technology, created by Leemon Baird, it is probably going to replace blockchain technology. Since the introduction of bitcoin there have been many thousands of blockchain based crypto currencies created and there are more being created every single day so what’s different about hashgraph? Well it isn’t a blockchain it’s totally different in fact theContinue reading “Hashgraph: Electronic Data Capture Future?”

Choosing a Successful Clinical Trial Management System [CTMS]

Steps towards a successful CTMS: Exploring the benefits of clinical trial management system (CTMS) The benefits of mapping and developing an enterprise wide solution include6: Centralizing decentralized departments Optimizing institutional review board (IRB) functionality Realizing real-time data available to both investigators and leadership Decreasing bottlenecks in knowledge transfer between various entities involved in research ReducingContinue reading “Choosing a Successful Clinical Trial Management System [CTMS]”