X EDC: The Next Generation of EDC?

RaveX is an EDC system that is powerful and easy to learn. Medidata has one of the best eLearning and training courses to get anyone up and running from the first time you use the system. The study design setup still requires high technical skills including C# sharp for most complex data cleaning and studyContinue reading “X EDC: The Next Generation of EDC?”

Want to become an {EDC} Developer? Take this test

I have been contacted on multiple occasions in recent years about how to become an {EDC} Developer or clinical programmer. If you are currently working in the industry, the transition should be swift.  But for those working outside the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry, I recommend you take a SAS programming course or data analytics/ visualization course sinceContinue reading “Want to become an {EDC} Developer? Take this test”

Case Study 4: A Full Data Management Solution

Working in a Collaborative Environment The Scenario: A phase II study was being managed by a CRO that had non-dedicated teams, escalating costs, with project timelines slipping on almost every deliverable. RA eClinica Solution: RA eClinica assumed responsibility for entire data management activities consisting of Data Management, Study Build / EDC Development, and Statistics andContinue reading “Case Study 4: A Full Data Management Solution”