The Dutch Government is OCCUPIED by the Davos sect. –>World Economic Forum

BREAKING NEWS more letters being leaked this time to Dutch Finance Minister Wopke Hoestra shows direct collusion between Klaus Schwab’s WEF and the Dutch Government on pushing ‘The Great Reset’. Will any MSM outlet dare touch this? World Doctors Alliance, [Dec 20, 2021] When UNN broke the story about collusion this morning between Dutch PoliticiansContinue reading “The Dutch Government is OCCUPIED by the Davos sect. –>World Economic Forum”


Rutte is the Dutch prime minister. Joris Demmink is high level retired justice department pedo. #demmink is trending in the Netherlands for 3 consecutive days. Twatter is suppressing the hashtag. Please anons share this picture of this high level pedos. Use the #demmink. MSM is in on the cover up and will not report oContinue reading “#demmink DUTCH TEAM PEDOPHILE”

Fuzzy (niet) Te Koop

Nog een dag dan krijg ik een hond. Champ has been in Panama for several years and with family issues, I decided to get me another White Westie. I told my partner and even though my partner was not convenience, we head out North of Holland to find a white westie. As we arrived, IContinue reading “Fuzzy (niet) Te Koop”