The Only Three (3) [Programming] Languages You Should Learn Right Now (eClinical Speaking)

On a previous article that I wrote in 2012, I mentioned 4 programming languages that you should be learning when it comes to the development of clinical trials. Why is this important, you may ask? Clinical Trials is a method to determine if a new drug or treatment will work on disease or will itContinue reading “The Only Three (3) [Programming] Languages You Should Learn Right Now (eClinical Speaking)”

What is Clinical Reviewer?

Clinical Review on iPad CRF Images View CRF (Case Report Form) data with pinch zoom. SAS Datasets Search and view data exported from SAS datasets. DEFINE.XML Import meta data directly from DEFINE.XML. Control Terminology View all metadata including coded terms defined in DEFINE.XML Secure Data – Data transferred to local memory viewed in “Airplane” modeContinue reading “What is Clinical Reviewer?”