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When the cards don’t lie

Lenormand tarot reading
These cards can put things into perspective and in a sequence of time, not all the time but sometimes. Now translated into words we come out with the following sentence:

Manipulative woman(man) and a denial of a faithful man(woman). Indicating love and joy and passion and desires so the final reading confirms. Yvonne Koelemeijer

A manipulative woman brings deception and risk for change and growth from a faithful man in denial. Love and joy bring a new doorway of new beginnings for desire and passion while revealing adventures goals.





Somebody That I Used To Know

Video – Gotye

When you spend quality time with your loved ones…














A waste of love, time and money-Yvonne Koelemeijer

As hard as it is, there is an important karmic lesson to be learned from each relationship we experience in our lives. One must remember that every ending is a blessing in disguise, for there is always a new beginning that follows it. You will love again. Like they say. What you are looking for is looking for you!


Anastasia – Left Outside Alone

Anastacia – One Day In Your Life

Yvonne Koelemeijer

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