When “experts” lead you astray…

Reposted by permission from Liberty Counsel Action. An observant doctor with more than 42 years of experience in preventative medicine just noted, “The COVID death rate in the United States is one of the highest in the world, even with our advanced medical care delivery and resources. Many less affluent countries have death rates 20Continue reading “When “experts” lead you astray…”


Brainwashed by media and politicians that we must believe the flacks and hacks they elevate and feature as “top experts” in the field, be it the scores of military wars they lie us into or the COVID War they launched, their hypocrisy and bias are clearly evidenced in the 11 July New York Times articleContinue reading “HEALTH “EXPERT” HYPOCRITES CAN’T BE TRUSTED”

Becoming a Data Scientist {EDC Developer + Statistical Expert + Data Manager}

At an early age, I was drawn to computers. I did well in math; I love science and I started enjoying programming when my stepfather gave me a small computer to program games. This was my real experience with programming. I think the programming language was Basic. The computer had some built-in games and basicContinue reading “Becoming a Data Scientist {EDC Developer + Statistical Expert + Data Manager}”

7 questions to ask yourself before you choose to set up your own Clinical Data Management department

The arguments to set-up your own Clinical Data Management department are various. You want to learn something new. You can do Clinical Data Management yourself because you could allocate resources for it. Conducting Clinical Data Management in-house could get you more in control of your clinical study data.

How to write query texts – 6 template sentences

How to write queries unambiguously expressing what is asked for? Using short, polite sentences? Objectively explaining the underlying inconsistency? First of all my general guidelines. My preference is to use no more capitals then needed. Capitals in the middle of a query text, e.g. for CRF fields or for tick box options, could distract fromContinue reading “How to write query texts – 6 template sentences”