#crisisactors 5….4…..3….2….1..And Action

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Climate Crisis: #SADS

BOMBSHELL-DOCTOR WHISTLEBLOWER: DOCTORS ARE USING FAKE VAX PASSES WHILE GIVING OUT THE DEATH SHOTS. VACCINE INJURIES & DEATH OF MILLIONS WHILE DOCTORS USE FAKE VAXX PASS – While millions die or are injured from the deadly vaccine, there are sleazy doctors getting the fake Vaxx pass for themselves and their families. They are the criminalContinue reading “Climate Crisis: #SADS”


They have done it again. The ZIONIST JEW mafia have done it again. Not only they censor the truth by using their Fake news media and social media to suppress and remove truth and facts from the internet, they are also using Fake Crisis actors to push their gun control agenda. We have seen thisContinue reading “#GUNCONTROL AGENDA: FALSE FLAGS & THE CRISIS ACTORS”

#crisisactors: GUN CONTROL

A MASSIVE screw up was made with the crisis actors Two different crisis actor dads claimed the same daughter with the same name and same honor roll certificate as their daughter, both dads claiming the same last name and were broadcast on two different networks. https://gab.com/QAnon211/posts/108389671096586375 The younger dad is smirking…false flag GREG REESE –Continue reading “#crisisactors: GUN CONTROL”

The NWO coming for the GUNS #CRISISACTORS

Health Ranger, [May 26, 2022] BREAKING: Why did #Uvalde police stand outside and do nothing while Texas shooter rampaged through Robb Elementary School? – They stood down and ALLOWED the shooting to continue for 40 minutes. – Confirmed by Associated Press – Parents were screaming for police to rush in, but they refused. – LooksContinue reading “The NWO coming for the GUNS #CRISISACTORS”

Here’s Their Plan – Ready to Build a Parallel Universe?

Get out of their bankster currencies now: DefundTheMatrix.tv Here’s THEIR plan: Global currencies will be digitized. The global digital ID will be introduced and mandatory. THey will crash the economy. You will be offered a Basic Universal Income. You will get it if you comply. The science studies keep diverting the attention away from theContinue reading “Here’s Their Plan – Ready to Build a Parallel Universe?”

It’s coming folks.

The beginning of global food shortages. Get ready for global starvation. It’s coming folks. You think this was a war? Sanctions on physical goods to force digital retaliation.. Painting Russia as the enemy. Condoning violence against Russia.. That’s an agenda. African dependence on Ukrainian and Russian wheat exports. “Climate change” is about to cause aContinue reading “It’s coming folks.”

They are both just actors and puppets of the same…

They are both just actors and puppets of the same… Both working against the people exactly the same as your WEF/FED financed government does! You don’t need to look to Russia or Ukraine, your own politicians are in the same way just WEF/FED puppets! Archived Records Show U.S. Government Admitted To Funding BioLabs In Ukraine Including forContinue reading “They are both just actors and puppets of the same…”

Per World Bank Covid 19 project ends on March 31, 2025.

We are living in difficult times…almost like end of times. Per World Bank Covid 19 project ends on March 31, 2025. Who knows how it is all going to end. Boris Johnson is to Bill Gates what Benito Mussolini was to Adolf Hitler. Will the fact checkers give their verdict on this comparison? If theyContinue reading “Per World Bank Covid 19 project ends on March 31, 2025.”


NYC NURSE GETS THE SHOT – JUST ANOTHER CRAP ACTOR – LUCIFERIAN PLANDEMIC FOR VACCINES ID-2020-666 A Summary of the Devil’s Plandemic so far – Mandatory Vaccines – ID-2020 Mark of the Beast 666: https://www.bitchute.com/video/A43tgQd3Rjxs/ YouTube Channel Deleted Video Link: https://data.troo.tube/videos/Mr%20PARAdox/index.html Mark of the Beast ID-2020 Patent Number WO/2020/060606 Enforced with H.R. 6666 – FIVE GEE +Continue reading “NYC NURSE GETS THE SHOT – COVID HOAX Crisis Actor”