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Confusion of Money

You will be amazed by the everyday realities you practice and unbelievable discoveries hiding in plain sight.

Your long held beliefs will be shattered and replaced with confirmed knowledge.

And of course, you will obtain your reward….if…you can renew your mind.

The Reward: What you lost…..is restored by default.

I came across Marcus’s video even after I knew the answers as I woke up to the reality of this planet as I was looking for answers. But Marcus explained it in a more simplistic way. I never realized my property = my labor; was stolen from me for a few IOUs. Something today we call ‘money’ which is nothing more than IOUs. It has not real value. The thieves enrich themselves with our labor or property in return we receive a promise to pay – something of no real value.

Listen to Marcus ‘s video “confusion of money’ with an open-mind and comment below if you feel the same way about your lost property.

The next cycle of my life I hope to find the final answer – how to not volunteer. After all, I never signed any consent or gave anyone any authorization to take my property. It is made believe, by default, that somehow I want to be part of it. And that’s farther from the truth. There is a way out…

Money has not value until you give it value.

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