World Doctors Alliance, [Aug 1, 2021] HORROR is SETTING IN for DOCTORS who got MAIMED by the VACCINE on their own MEDSCAPE WEBSITE: 950+ SICK & DYING DOCTORS! Blockbuster: Over 950+ comments by doctors maimed by the jab on doctor’s only web site hosted by WebMD. Yes, the doctors know. Only now is the horrorContinue reading “MEDSCAPE WEBSITE: 950+ SICK & DYING DOCTORS!”

Data Management Plan – Coding and Reconciliation

All Adverse Events and Previous/Concomitant Medication should be coded and/or approved prior and during the trial. Before adverse event terms can be reported or analyzed, they must be grouped based on their similarities. For example, headache, mild headache and acute head should all be counted as the same kind of event. This is done byContinue reading “Data Management Plan – Coding and Reconciliation”