Using PROC PRINT to Validate Clinical Data

Using PROC PRINT to Validate Clinical Data When your data isn’t clean, you need to locate the errors and validate them.  We can use SAS Procedures to determine whether or not the data is clean. Today, we will cover the PROC PRINT procedure. First step is to identify the errors in a raw data file.Continue reading “Using PROC PRINT to Validate Clinical Data”

Five (5) Types of Errors When Writing SAS Programs

Fortunately, SAS system fixes some mistakes made by SAS programmers. For example, SAS has gotten so smart over the years that it is now almost impossible to get an error by misspellilng a keyword. If you misspelled a keyword in a SAS program, SAS will almost always figure out what you meant to say andContinue reading “Five (5) Types of Errors When Writing SAS Programs”