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Months ago, the FDA allowed companies to ‘self certify’ their antibody tests. A wave of fraudsters and cheap tests have since flooded the market. Now, as the CDC and expertsl question the accuracy of antibody testing, they are still being used to keep America locked down.#DelBigtree #TheHighwire #CDC


“If the virus is so deadly, why hasn’t it wiped out the homeless who don’t social distance, or wear masks and don’t have access to a sterile environment, don’t wash regularly?”

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Coronavirus: Is this how they plan to steal and sell your DNA?

Governments everywhere are busy rolling out antibody testing programmes.

Antigen tests, which involve taking a swab from the nose or throat, simply show if someone actually has the coronavirus in their body.

Antibody tests involve taking a blood sample and looking to see if the body contains antibodies which respond to the virus. If you have antibodies in your blood then you have had and have overcome the coronavirus. The blood sample will be sent off to a laboratory to be tested. This will be a much bigger testing programme then the antigen testing.

Governments are planning to do millions of antibody tests on their populations.

And the key words here are `blood sample’.

Because when you take a blood sample you can, of course, easily take a DNA sample. (You can take DNA samples with other body tissues but blood is so easy.)

And if that thought doesn’t strike terror into your heart then you really haven’t been paying attention.

Since March of 2020, governments everywhere have been tearing up all the traditional values which we used to take for granted.

Freedom, democracy and privacy are now just a thing of the past.

Most people in the western world are now living in police states. The Emergency Bill which was passed by the British Government in March gave British politicians and civil servants much the same sort of power over the people that the Patriot Act gave the authorities in America.

We all might as well be living in China or Russia for all the freedom we have these days.

And don’t kid yourself that the governments will give back all that power in a few months’ time. Governments never give back power they’ve taken.

So, to get back to your DNA.

If you trust your government to always do the right and decent thing then you can switch off now. I envy you your innocence and your faith.

I suspect, however, that most people have by now lost what little faith they had in their government and its advisors.

I have shown in other videos how we have been lied to, tricked, manipulated and brainwashed.

I think I’ve had the coronavirus and if I have to have an antibody test I expect that the Government will also take my DNA.

And I expect them to store it.

Along with your DNA.

And everyone else’s DNA.

The next big question is what will they do with it?

And this, again, is a question of trust.

Do we trust them to store our DNA so that they might be able to use it to help us one day?

Sadly, if we believe that then we are well into tooth fairy territory.

I think governments everywhere will take our DNA and store it.

And I think they will sell it.

Governments at all levels have a track record. They sell every bit of information they can collect.

They’ve been selling information about voters for decades.

They sell census information.

They demand private and confidential information.

And then they flog it to anyone prepared to pay the right price.

In the UK, the NHS has been collecting information about us all for years. To begin with they promised they wouldn’t sell the information. They actually gave us an option. If we didn’t want them to sell our private medical information to drug companies then we could say so. And they wouldn’t.

Well, that’s what they said.

But I think they sold it anyway.

Look on the NHS website and you will see that they say that the NHS collects confidential patient information from all NHS organisations and all private organisations providing NHS funded care.

They then flog this information to researchers, to the medical establishment and, wait for it because this is the good bit, to drug companies.

They say that the drug companies won’t use it for marketing or insurance purposes.

They presumably know that because the companies they sell it to tell them they won’t.

There is still a get out clause if you don’t want them to sell your information but its got more holes in it than a colander.

The same is true everywhere.

Private medical information is sold to anyone prepared to buy it.

And this brings us back to your DNA.

I don’t think they will be able to resist storing our DNA when they do antibody tests.

And they will sell it.

Of course they will. They’ll say that since they took the sample then they own your DNA. And they’ll flog it to drug companies, insurance companies and anyone else who wants to buy it.

Governments have already created biobanks with genetic material they took from screening tests. And now governments everywhere need huge amounts of money to pay for the coronavirus mess they have made of the world.

Does all this matter?

Well, I rather think it does.

Drug and insurance companies will know everything about your body. And they will be able to mix and match that with the information they buy from search engines, your bank, the supermarkets and everyone else. The last vestige of your privacy will be gone.

And they will use the information ruthlessly.

As an aside, let me just tell you that since my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer both she and I have been bombarded with utterly unnecessary and inappropriate online advertisements for funeral services, cancer charities and other goodies. I don’t know who sold our information but it doesn’t really matter where they got it, does it? To say that I find it intrusive is to be considerably politer than I feel.

I strongly suspect that we will have no rights over our DNA.

They will, of course, pass our DNA details onto all police and security services.

We can all trust them, can’t we?

Drug companies will use your DNA to predict what diseases you might develop. And they will want to sell you useful drugs to stop you getting whatever it is they know you’re going to get wrong with you.

Insurance companies will use your DNA to predict your future. You will, perhaps, find that your premiums suddenly soar because your insurance company knows something about your future.

Employers will doubtless see your DNA details and be unwilling to hire you if they see something in your future that doesn’t appeal.

How many job candidates will find themselves being refused time and time again because prospective employers see that they are likely to develop Parkinson’s disease or dementia or drug addiction.

Your DNA information will be used in conjunction with your credit card and bank information too, of course. And that will be so much easier when they get rid of nasty, grubby cash.

And they will mix it with all the information you’ve put on social media and which you cannot erase however hard you try. Anything you ever put on Facebook, for example, belongs to Facebook. Permanently, as in for ever.

So, you will be standing at the check out at the supermarket and the assistant will take the chocolate bar out of your shopping.

`What’s the matter with that?’ you will ask, puzzled.

`The system says you can’t have that,’ the assistant will say. She will look at the screen in front of her. `You’re going to get diabetes so you aren’t allowed to buy chocolate.’

When you apply for a driving licence they will tell you that you can’t have one.

`Why not?’ you will ask.

`Because there is an 82% chance that you are going to develop epilepsy next year,’ they will tell you.

You will have no rights over your private information. Companies everywhere will be able to buy it and hackers will be able to steal it.


The woman in charge of Britain’s track and trace system was in charge of a phone company called TalkTalk when hackers stole the personal information of 157,000 people. The company was fined massively for not looking after the information properly. Now she is in charge of the tracking and tracing system and the collection of vast amounts of personal information.


What can we do about it?

Well, until they make it compulsory I don’t think I’ll bother having an antibody test done thank you very much.


Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

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Gates and whistleblower reveal a chilling plan

One person just blew the whistle on exactly what contact tracing trainers are prepping thousands of domestic spies to do across America. It’s chilling!

They are pushing for repeatedly quarantining healthy people for periods of 14 days. The only way to escape this endless loop is to accept the vaccine being pushed at any given time. They are demanding a live video tour of inside a person’s home and will call social services to take away pets and children if the person doesn’t have an isolated part of his/her home that meets their standards. And none of this is voluntary!

Now is the moment for freedom-loving patriots to push back against massive encroaching tyranny from Bill Gates and a number of governors. All 50 states are doing some form of tracing/spying. In a few clicks you can make the most encroaching governors and legislators hear your voice demanding freedom. It’s time to stop subjecting American citizens to search and confinement even if they are not sick. – Mat

A recently trained and certified contact tracer has revealed that as long as someone has not taken a government-approved vaccination, there is no limit to the number of times they can be “exposed” and subsequently quarantined for 14 more days — including people at work and your place of worship.

Bill Gates just advocated on Friday that we should close the borders to any country “till we get to that full vaccination” level. Even if people in that country have “very good concerns” against vaccinating, he wants to leverage government leaders to demand they fall in line.

In addition, Bill Gates expressed he is willing to have severe adverse reactions (which includes death) from about 750,000 people across the world caused by vaccinating every person. He says he will need the government to help force people who refuse … and to give those involved in this vaccination complete immunity from any legal liability.

In case you didn’t know, Bill Gates’ father was a eugenicist and president of Planned Parenthood. And now Bill Gates wants to use the weight of national governments to push entire nations to vaccinate their “full” population, which will put hundreds of billions of dollars in the pockets of vaccine investors (like himself). Gates himself is a Social Darwinist who believes in “evolving” the human race through social engineering and reducing world population by 10 to 15 percent.

Now is the moment to fight back. We are not just fighting for our own personal freedom, but for liberty around the world as America’s light of freedom is flickering in the face of political pressures and billionaire funding.

Share your concerns with these governors and politicians before our liberties are completely gone.

The damage that could be caused by this level of contact tracing investigation and surveillance is horrifying. For parents in situations such as a nursing mother, this is a nightmare and could cause permanent trauma to the children ripped (perhaps repeatedly) out of their home when their parent or caregiver might not even have COVID-19. But for anyone that doesn’t “voluntarily” comply with what the contact tracer demands, they can face a 2,000-dollar fine—each day. And remember, COVID-19 is just the beginning. There will be NO end in sight if this threat to freedom succeeds.

The domestic spy’s phone script states: “If you do not comply with this request for voluntary quarantine, we may use a detention order, enforced by the police, to ensure your compliance.”

In addition, some states allow for destroying property, and even putting down animals if there is an “imminent menace to the public health.” These laws are not limited to COVID-19. They can be used and applied to any “communicable disease.”

It’s time to stop this tyranny dead in its tracks. It is critical to flood these politicians’ offices with the outcry of honest patriots who will not sit idle while we are stripped of our property, privacy, and liberties today. Act now to flood these governors’ and politicians’ desks with your message to protect freedom.

If you think a requirement to sign a logbook to enter a store is bad, what these surveillance trainers want is far worse.

These contact tracing trainers are praising the “great system” in China and South Korea. These nations (plus India, Singapore, and New Zealand) constantly track everyone’s phone mostly through GPS and multiple check-ins every day. The phones are required for entrance to stores, pharmacies, events, or traveling, based on government dictates via the app.

This is not a drill. This is already launched and growing fast across the world and even in our own backyard. Now is the time to rise up against this and demand our leaders stop before this tyranny takes hold of our nation.

I encourage you to help spread the word by forwarding this information to your friends and family. Big Tech is doing its best to bow to China-levels of censorship as LCA is trying to get the truth out and help freedom-loving Americans know what is at stake in today’s environment.

Our work can only continue because of your support of our ministry. We are expanding our impact on Capitol Hill and around the nation. And this is 100% because of the donations from our friends and partners who keep our doors open.

I pray that our light will never go out and I thank you in advance for your part in our work today and in the battles we have yet to fight for liberty.

Thank you for your concern as our nation is facing a series of crossroads right now. It’s an honor to stand with you at this momentous time.


Mat Staver

P.S. Now is the moment to remind contact tracing spies and Bill Gates that they do not own America, they cannot steal our freedoms, and we will not silently acquiesce to their plans for our children and our grandchildren. It is up to us to draw the line in the sand to protect our rights and liberties. Send a fax demanding that governors and legislators stop these unconstitutional surveillance efforts.

If you learned anything from our email, please help us spread the truth by forwarding our messages to your friends and family. In addition, we are gathering signatures on our petition to the White House urging them to protect freedom in America.

And finally, we can only give the tools to change the future of our nation to educated and activated patriots because of your donations and support. If you can help Liberty Counsel Action with a donation of any size today, we would deeply appreciate your partnership with us. God bless you.

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This is a Test

The 666 = New World Order is here.

The coronavirus is just a distraction of what is about to come or implement around the world. New digital currency, new control system and possible mandatory vaccine if you want to travel or be outside your house. The coronavirus also will implement new socialist ideas like UBI = Universal Basic Income or Universal income that many Europeans countries have for years set up for their own citizens.

Operation COVID | 5G

A reminder that the UN and the EU are conspiring to bring 3-4 BILLION migrants into Europe over the next 30-40 years, they call this “replacement migration” and all of the documentation on their plans are public…

5G and health concerns..Radiation from radio frequencies is classed in the same category of carcinogens as a lead.

5G – Wuhan, Italy, and Spain with the highest rate of supposed coronavirus cases. What’s the relationship to the 5G installations?

Predictive programming is a concept that seems to have originated with a man named Alan Watt who defines predictive programming as: “Predictive programming is a subtle form of psychological conditioning provided by the media to acquaint the public with planned societal changes to be implemented by our leaders. If and when these changes are put through, the public will already be familiarized with them and will accept them as natural progressions, thus lessening possible public resistance and commotion.” link to the source of the quote

Did Pompeo just call this Live Exercise…a drill?…a practice?

The attack on the Twin Towers is commonly cited as an example of predictive programming as numerous examples of the towers being hit as well as the date 9-11 can be seen in popular media before the event took place. As a result of this, people speculate what else is being predicted in media, but are not able to collect the same common theme of an event before it takes place, and I think this is because the presence of 9-11 was not about predictive programming as it is defined by Alan Watt.

The below video was banned by YOUTUBE. All social medias are banning the truth so you won’t have any doubts about their version.

The Economist – choose between life, death or the economy?

It seems like a lot of hospitals are very quiet. The media is hyping this thing up. CBS was caught using footage from Italy saying it was New York.

will the US Gov. abolish the Federal Reserve?



SGT Report

Dollar Vigilante

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New Alzheimer’s, prevention, and caregiving studies enrolling volunteers


Interested in participating in Alzheimer’s and related research? Volunteers are needed for the following clinical trials and studies recently added to the National Institute on Aging (NIA) listing. To find out more, click on a trial name below. Contact the study coordinator for your area to learn about participating.

Learn more about volunteering for clinical trials and studies.


Cognitive Training/Tests



  • Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry (nationwide)—get information and updates about participating in future Alzheimer’s prevention trials.
  • Brain Health Registry (nationwide)—sign up for an online study of brain health and learn about possible research-study opportunities.

Major Studies Still Recruiting

Get more information about these and other Alzheimer’s clinical trials. Or, call the ADEAR Center at 1-800-438-4380 (toll-free) or email adear@nia.nih.gov.

Help us spread the word about Alzheimer’s and related clinical trials!