Months ago, the FDA allowed companies to ‘self certify’ their antibody tests. A wave of fraudsters and cheap tests have since flooded the market. Now, as the CDC and expertsl question the accuracy of antibody testing, they are still being used to keep America locked down.#DelBigtree #TheHighwire #CDC   “If the virus is so deadly,Continue reading “DWINDLING TRUST IN ANTIBODY TESTS”

Coronavirus: Is this how they plan to steal and sell your DNA?

Governments everywhere are busy rolling out antibody testing programmes. Antigen tests, which involve taking a swab from the nose or throat, simply show if someone actually has the coronavirus in their body. Antibody tests involve taking a blood sample and looking to see if the body contains antibodies which respond to the virus. If youContinue reading “Coronavirus: Is this how they plan to steal and sell your DNA?”

Gates and whistleblower reveal a chilling plan

Reposted by permission from Liberty Counsel Action One person just blew the whistle on exactly what contact tracing trainers are prepping thousands of domestic spies to do across America. It’s chilling! They are pushing for repeatedly quarantining healthy people for periods of 14 days. The only way to escape this endless loop is to acceptContinue reading “Gates and whistleblower reveal a chilling plan”

This is a Test

The 666 = New World Order is here. The coronavirus is just a distraction of what is about to come or implement around the world. New digital currency, new control system and possible mandatory vaccine if you want to travel or be outside your house. The coronavirus also will implement new socialist ideas like UBIContinue reading “This is a Test”

New Alzheimer’s, prevention, and caregiving studies enrolling volunteers

  Interested in participating in Alzheimer’s and related research? Volunteers are needed for the following clinical trials and studies recently added to the National Institute on Aging (NIA) listing. To find out more, click on a trial name below. Contact the study coordinator for your area to learn about participating. Learn more about volunteering forContinue reading “New Alzheimer’s, prevention, and caregiving studies enrolling volunteers”