Investigators’ Brochure

[OCT 2021] We do not know exactly what transmits from the injected to those who are not injected, because these companies are not disclosing and it has been a slow process to uncover this mystery. We only know that something does transfer because Pfizer admitted it in their Investigators’ Brochure. Everyone assumes it is theContinue reading “Investigators’ Brochure”


Here is a new interview from the Berlin Corona Investigative Committee. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich interviews Whitney Webb, an author and researcher. Whitney Webb details the people, organisations and companies orchestrating the “pandemic”. From Whitney Webb’s bio ( ): Whitney Webb has been a professional writer, researcher and journalist since 2016. She has written for several websitesContinue reading “REINER FUELLMICH INTERVIEWS WHITNEY WEBB – BERLIN CORONA INVESTIGATIVE COMMITTEE”

BIMO Inspections – GCP Dilema

BIMO stands for Bioresearch Monitoring. The FDA releases each year, a list of findings for FDA-regulated product that may be in violation of the agency’s requirements. These inspections’ findings are listed on an FDA Form 483 by the inspector. Last year, there were over 600 findings from different FDA’s BIMO program (i.e., clinical investigators, IRBs,Continue reading “BIMO Inspections – GCP Dilema”